GET THE LOOK - Maximalist

More is more, end of story.

Maximalist home décor is that one style that you cannot mess up. Think of it as your playlist – one minute you’re making your way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and you’re homebound (do do do do do) and the next your waking up when September ends. There are really no rules here - it is all about adding that personal touch that truly brings out every aspect of your uniquely amazing personality.

Here are a few ways to nail the maximalist look:

Dream in color

Create your own color palette and rock it. Maximalism is all about adding pops of color to your room, even if at first you wouldn’t think it would match. Here’s the trick: keep your wall a solid color and decorate with bright and bold accents. You also can’t go wrong with a funky rug.


If you’re that person who can’t hang a straight frame, you are already in a maximalist state of mind. Fill the wall with your fave artwork and decorate with frames of any shape and size. The more, the better. Always make sure to mix it up, a few vintage frames is always key.

Inside a Maximalist Room

Perfectly imperfect

The best part of having a maximalist home?  There is no such thing as it being perfect. No need to worry about matching colors and items together – the true beauty is the unique look that each piece brings to the room. This style will speak for itself!

Have fun and express yourself through the maximalist trend. Share your rooms with us @realrooms!