Hello Alden!

You’ve done it! Your first grown-up step into the real world! Welcome to your very first apartment. If your adulting path is anything like ours, we can probably guess that this cozy (a nicer word for tiny) apartment is something around 500 sq. ft, but who’s counting?

Small space living will have you master the concept of “less is more” and moving day will make you regret all the times you fell for that buy one get one free gimmick. How to fit in all that stuff into your “cozy” apartment? We’d like to introduce you to your new bestie called Storage Space.  She's the friend who always has your back and finds a corner for everything that seems to be out of place and leaves you wondering "but how?".

The concept that you need to buy things to store things is completely outdated - instead, why not add storage to must-have furniture pieces? Welcome to the future everyone, when you can have stylish pieces of furniture that do it all! The RealRooms Alden Platform Bed comes with four built in storage drawers; you're very welcome 13th pair of white sneakers that couldn't fit in the closet.

We’re not saying that you should keep everything, you should definitely consider seasonal cleanings and getting rid of anything that hasn’t been used – especially those clothes that you one day aspire to fit into again. Consider donations and charities for all that unwanted stuff! 

Get creative with your small space storage solutions and share them with us at @realrooms!

Alden Storage Bed