When it comes to living in a small space, you often need to get a little creative to maximize your space. Who says that a living room can’t double as a fab guest bedroom or that a productivity boosting home office can’t also provide exceptional storage?

RealRooms has created some thoughtfully designed options that will work (and look) a whole lot better than cramping your space with more furniture than it needs. The last thing you want is to make your precious square footage feel smaller than it already is!

With just the right pieces, any room can become every room that you want and need it to be. Better yet, take advantage of the full potential of small living spaces by utilizing multipurpose items that offer dual (or even triple) functionality. Gone are the days when storage translated into boxy, bulky and boring furniture units. Now, your striking new desk can also serve as a coveted bookcase to keep your impressive reading list organized. You certainly aren’t defined by one thing, so your furniture doesn’t have to be either. After all, labels are so obsolete.  

Futons – Simple and stylish, a futon makes a comfortable addition to any multifunctional area. Whether upholstered in linen, faux-leather or velvet with a wood or metal frame, this type of couch adds depth and character to any setting. Better yet, with a quick push and pull, these sofas convert between 3 different positions: sitting, lounging, or sleeping.

Daybeds – A stylish daybed and trundle duo provides the modern décor answer to your seating and sleeping needs. Sofa by day and bed by night, sleepovers will suddenly become a breeze for kids and adults alike.

Desks – Get the perfect workstation with these stylish units featuring lots of built-in storage to double as filing cabinets. Fit into a small corner office and provide the perfect spot to pull up a chair and do arts and crafts.

Cabinets – A floating wall cabinet is a necessity to keep organized any bathroom, kitchen, laundry, or garage. Available in variety of styles including rustic wood grain, oak, industrial metal and clean neutrals, to tie in with the design of your room.