Please, have a seat! Our thoughtfully designed accent chair and armchair models open up a world of interior design possibilities. And they do more than just look pretty! Each chair design in our RealRooms collection is built with on trend styles and ergonomic comfort, so they feel as good as they look.

Quick design tip: when choosing an accent chair, you should look beyond its design and texture and also consider its shape relative to other elements in your room. For example, if you have a nice circular coffee table nearby, try a tub style accent chair (maybe in a classic beige or blue) to complement its geometry and create some subtle symmetry.

On the flip side, a mid-century modern design with straighter edges might be better suited to spaces with an industrial table or a more contemporary vibe. However, there are always exceptions to the rule! Ultimately, whatever feels right in your own mind is the smartest design you can choose. You can also try pairing your chair with an ottoman or accent table for extra utility and occasional storage.