Come, warm up next to the fire. The patent firebox design paired with top style fireplace frames will have your living room or sitting room looking brand new in no time.

You might be asking, “why electric?”, well we can tell you. Electric fireboxes take out all the work of a traditional woodburning fireplace. Let’s face it, soot and dust are not on the welcome list of guests we like to keep in our home. Having the quick and easy option to plug in your heating source and adjusting the temperature is crucial for our busy lifestyles, and you get the bonus of no additional cleanup!

When thinking style, you have options! From rustic to modern, the aesthetics are certainly top of mind but let’s also look at fireplace TV Stands verses fireplace mantels. Fireplace TV Stands create a space for all your electronic components as a traditional TV Stand would – but it’s even better with the vibey lights and heating components. If you wanted to create a statement piece on your wall or have less real-estate to work with in your room, the fireplace mantel might be the right choice for you.

Either way, you can’t go wrong here!