You don’t have to reinvent the wheel — but it’s not a bad idea to put your drinks on there! We love serving carts for their dual-purpose versatility as an easy entertaining tool and mobile storage unit in the kitchen or dining room. They’re perfect for organizing all your ingredients when cooking and moving plates to your dining table or bar when it’s time to eat. After you’re done, you can use them again to quickly roll dirty dishes to the sink.

They also provide some subtly stylish storage around the home. Use them in your common areas to hold some magazines, books, or picture frames; inside the bathroom as a makeshift medicine cabinet; or inside your dorm room to restore some semblance of organization to your study space (we’re not judging!).

They’re also an awesome outdoor entertaining tool. Rolling out some appetizers or tea to the back patio is a breeze, and we even have some foldable models that are extra easy to stow away at the end of the evening. The wheels also feature locking casters so things never end up rolling away.