So how do you choose the perfect sofa or couch? When it comes to fabrics, leather, and upholstery, there are tons of options to consider. Color and texture are obviously a matter of personal preference — but durability is always key. Your family situation will be another big contributing factor. For example, leather looks amazing, but it’s also a lot more prone to scratch marks from pets (and kids — not that they’d ever confess to being the culprits). If this is the case, you might be better off with a stain-resistant synthetic fabric that protects your couch or sofa set from early wear and tear.

Beyond style, size is the next biggest thing to think about. Always consider the shape and scale of your living room when choosing sofas. If you’re in a smaller apartment, you don’t want to squeeze in a massive double sectional or sleeper that’s going to gobble up half your living room. The same strategy applies to height; the lower the ceiling, the shorter your sofa should be in order to maintain spatial balance.

Whatever size and style you’re after, RealRooms offers affordable, high quality sectional, sofa, and couch designs to make your living room as welcoming as possible. Remember: you’re going to spend a lot of time on this thing, so make sure you choose a timeless (and comfy) design you won’t grow tired of!