As much as we love working from the couch, there’s no substitute for a smart home office with a proper desk. Dedicating a small footprint in your home creates some much-needed separation between work and play. And with more people working from home than ever before, it’s definitely worth putting some extra effort into creating a stylish space that will inspire productivity.

So how do you design the best office possible? In many cases, a simple minimalist approach might be best to help keep your focus on the task at hand. Start with a simple desk design, work chair, and maybe a nice area rug to warm things up a bit. Also, when choosing a location in your home to set up your office, try your best to find a spot with lots of natural light. Sunlight has been proven to increase productivity and mood — and it’s never good for your eyes to be locked on the computer in a dark room for hours on end. Try positioning your desk so it receives some natural sun throughout the day, and maybe add a nice succulent plant to your workstation to bring the outdoors inside.

These same principles of vibrancy and light apply to your color palettes. Wood grain, glossy whites, and industrial neutrals are always popular when it comes to office furniture, but you can also add a subtle pop of color with a desk in navy blue — or maybe a nice accent chair in the corner to liven up the room.

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