Why Mr. Kate you ask? Because why not? The motto of this imaginative lifestyle brand says it all – there’s nothing to lose when trying to play with different aesthetics and figure out what works for you and your space. Décor is supposed to be fun and inspired by YOUR personality, not anyone else’s definition of the perfect home. Just like the juxtaposition of the eponymously named brand, things that you normally wouldn’t expect to go together surprisingly do, from pairing bold floral print wallpaper with striped accent chairs to blending luxe velvet futons with boho-cool metal base and wood top coffee and side tables, style is what you make of it. Catapulted from their large and influential social media presence planted in the DIY interior décor space, Mr. Kate delivers a furniture line that is not only unique but full of excitement. A NY Product Design Awards winner, their selected range of creatively designed items include gorg beds and storage dressers for the bedroom, art-deco inspired cabinets, mid-century mod TV stands and console tables, and opulent sofas that look fabulous in the living room, and crisp clean desks to escape any home office rut. Decorate with Mr. Kate to discover a whole new world of possibilities.