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Bedrooms have an awful habit of getting cluttered up with all kinds of stuff, don’t they? But with a little organization, we can not only tidy up that space — we can also tie everything together from a design perspective with the perfectly styled table, wardrobe, nightstand or dresser.

Choose from a variety of styles including white, black, and wood grain finishes that complement the rest of your furniture (especially other pieces curated from our RealRooms bedroom collection) with easy-to-configure, adjustable shelves and quality chest drawers ideal for t-shirts, shoes, pants, and just about anything else you can think of. Our wardrobe pieces are spaciously sized so you can neatly organize all your things, but not so big that they take up more than their fair share of real estate.

All of our bedside tables and storage units are easy for anyone to assemble. Some of our nightstand tables even include modern luxuries like wireless charging spots for your smartphone, as well as other thoughtful design touches to make bedside reading and relaxing as enjoyable as possible.

Important tip for nightstands: think about how it will complement your headboard. Also, make sure to measure out the nightstand height relative to your bed frame and mattress, so you don’t end up with a hard-to-reach alarm clock!