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Tips for Choosing Pet Furniture

We know a lot of pets feel like they deserve to sleep on their owner’s memory foam mattress every night (and maybe they do!) but we have a feeling they might end up liking their very own comfy pet furniture from RealRooms even better.

Our pet furniture is a serious upgrade from your furry friends’ kennels and crates, featuring modern designs that mimic human models — sized down with some special dog and cat-friendly features that will fit perfectly into your house’s living room or bedroom. They feature pet-proof upholstery that is resistant to stains and liquid, as well as removable covers that make it easy to wash in case they accidentally forget where the litter box is.

But this pet furniture isn’t just about spoiling them with style. The right pet couch or sofa can also provide valuable health benefits, offering therapeutic support that can help relieve common animal ailments like arthritis and joint pain. How’s that for puppy love?

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Pet Beds — Tired of your pets hogging the human couch? Maybe they deserve their own stylish addition…

Pet Strollers — Want to go for a walk? If their regular leash just isn’t cutting it, sit them down into one of our pet-safe strollers or carrier bags.

Pet Stands & Tables — Solve the issue of having to choose between functional pet furniture and style with our stands and tables