Simple, sophisticated, and undeniably comfortable, our RealRooms futon collection offers great solutions for living rooms, guest rooms, small dorms, offices or any other space that could use some practical comfort.

Over the years, futons have sometimes received a bad reputation for being a little on the stiff side, and not always the most beautifully designed pieces. But that’s certainly not the case here at RealRooms. With stitched tufting and fine upholstery in rich linen, velvet and faux leather, these trendy futons offer excellent support and in some cases, plush cushioning that stays super soft even with regular usage.

Fun furniture fact: futons actually originated in Japan as multi-utility design pieces that could be slept on overnight and literally folded up the next day to make space for home living. Obviously, these futon designs featured much thinner mattresses than the ones we’re used to today — but the practicality of quickly adjusting from couch to bed is more desirable than ever with so many people living in small size/city living spaces.

With a quick push and pull, RealRooms futons convert between 3 different positions: sitting, lounging or sleeping. Set it up for your guests in seconds (or for yourself to enjoy a quick nap!) then snap it back upright and return it to the wall to reclaim your space. You can also pair it with one of our gorgeous accent tables or ottomans for extra convenience + storage.