Your living room, family room, or den is often the go-to spot where you entertain guests and gather to unwind but to be truly functional, your seating space needs practical and versatile accent pieces. Having no place to rest your drinks, snacks, remote controls, or trays can be downright inconvenient which is why RealRooms offers an array of accent tables to outfit formal or casual settings in several styles to meet your storage needs.

A small side table positioned on either end of your sofa or loveseat gives you an ideal area to put down a table lamp and get just the perfect amount of lighting. Small end tables not only provide valuable tabletop space to showcase your cherished décor items such as framed family pictures, but they fit nicely and neatly within smaller spaced room configurations without ever looking cumbersome. An end table with storage capability that includes drawers or open shelves takes the cake by letting you organize common everyday clutter while a narrow end table placed aside your futon can be used to display your thoughtfully curated magazine collection and offer easy access to reading material.

With varied design options, wood side tables come in quite a few finishes from deep espresso and basic black to classic walnut and natural oak to satisfy traditional and contemporary tastes whereas rustic end tables can be made from either wood, metal, or a blend of both to create a farmhouse inspired look. On the other end of the spectrum, modern end tables fashioned from metal and glass can incorporate distinct patterns and shapes to produce bold statement pieces. Whichever style you choose, we have you set and have a hunch that you’ll be taking a gander at our stylish assortment of coffee tables and tv stands to round off your lounge décor.