I would like to order but...

We want to make sure that you get the exact item that you have been scouring the internet for. However, due to the popularity of certain items, some products may not always be available. One thing is certain: we are working very hard to replenish our inventory to get that coveted piece of furniture to your door as quickly as possible!

All size/color varieties available for every item are listed on our website. If you don’t happen to see the size option or color choice that you were looking for, unfortunately, it may not exist, have sold out, or have been discontinued. So, if you fall in love with one of our pieces, we urge you to pick it up because temporary furniture collections do get retired!

I placed my order and...

We process orders as quickly as possible. If you need to cancel an order, please contact us within 45 minutes of placing your order.

We know that you’re counting the days till your package reaches your doorstep, that’s because we are too! Our goal is to have your order shipped to you within 3-5 business days so you can start beautifying your home as soon as possible. You will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number once your order has been shipped. Unfortunately, during the unprecedented times that we currently live in, we cannot guarantee that your order will arrive as quickly as we’d like it to because of circumstances beyond our control. We truly appreciate your patience.

If you haven’t received your shipping confirmation email after a couple of days, be sure to check your Spam folder. If you still don’t have your tracking number, please contact us through the help button at the bottom right corner of the page and provide your order number so that our customer service team can help locate your item and give you up-to-date tracking information.

Not a common occurrence, but if your order has still not had a status update in over 2 weeks, then do not hesitate to contact us through the help button at the bottom right corner of the page and provide your order number along with your tracking number. Our dedicated customer service team will try to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

I received my order and...

We want all our customers to get their items in perfect condition. If you happened to receive an item with missing parts or visible damages, we’ll work hard to rectify the situation. Please contact us via the help button at the bottom right of the page and provide your order number along with part numbers and quantities needed for each requested piece. We will confirm part availability and ship what is required via UPS Ground. FYI- Your product’s instruction manual contains the full list of parts along with their corresponding part numbers. If you’ve misplaced your manual, it’s available on our website. Look under the “Details and Additional Information” section on the product’s page. 

We’re so sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your item. If 60 days have passed since your purchase, then fortunately your item falls under the one-year manufacturer warranty policy. Contact information can be found inside your product’s instruction manual. If you’ve misplaced the manual or still don’t know who to contact, just reach out to us through our help button found below to the right of any page and give us your product’s model number. We’ll do our best to help you out.

Our aim is always to get the right item to the right person at the right time so we totally apologize for the mix-up. Just send us a picture of the box clearly showing the label for the item that you mistakenly received along with your order number. We will refund the order and request for the item to be donated if possible or you could ask us to send you a return label and schedule a pickup if that’s your preference.

It totally depends on the item. We don’t want to give you any wrong information! Most items can be disassembled but some can’t, so we recommend that you read your product’s instruction manual to see if disassembly and reassembly are okay. You can find the manual on our website under the product’s page.

Follow the instructions; it’s as simple as that. If your instruction manual says that two people are required for assembly, don’t try to put the item together all by yourself – find a buddy! Also, allot the recommended time needed to assemble your item. We suggest that you avoid using power tools because they can lead to hardware stripping. Everything that you need for assembly is usually already inside the box (except for a basic screwdriver or hammer in some instances). If you still need support, you can always call the customer service number located in your manual.

All units over 32” tall will come with a complete wall anchor kit. Wall anchors should always be used when provided to avoid any possible tip-over injuries.  

First, check to see if you can install the wall anchor into a wooden stud by using a stud finder. If so, locate the stud and mark it with a pencil to make sure you place the screw in the correct location. Position the bracket to the wall and drive the longer screw into the wall stud aligning with the pencil mark. Next, drive the shorter screw into the top of the unit. The bracket will be going through the back panel’s cut-out to hide the anchor. There will be predrilled holes to guide you.  

If your unit is not going into a stud, you will need a drywall screw. First, position the anchor where you would like to place it on the wall (make sure there is not a stud in the way) and mark it with a pencil. Next, drill a hole using a 3/16th drill bit and gently tap the plastic drywall screw into the drill hole using a hammer. Place the wall anchor bracket back against the wall and drive the long screw into the drywall screw. Lastly, drive the smaller screw into the top of the dresser. The bracket will be going through the back panel’s cut-out to hide the anchor.  There will be predrilled holes to help guide you. 

This entirely depends on the material of the item. For in depth information on how to maintain each of our products, visit our Clean & Care page.