We don’t care what anyone says: nothing will ever replace the feeling of holding a great, paper-bound book in your hands. No matter the size or subject matter, everyone’s collection is deserving of a great bookcase and/or shelves to give them the prominence they deserve — and you don’t have to break the bank to build them the perfect home.

Of course, books aren’t the only thing you can put on display. Bookshelf units are also an ideal platform to showcase your favorite photos, art, trinkets, personal items, and conversation pieces. Larger bookcases made with doors also provide extra storage space for electronics, kids toys, and other living room accessories.

For a more playful or contemporary look, you might want to try a leaning ladder bookcase (maybe in a soft white or neutral color) that goes against your wall, easily fitting into your living room or office corner without taking up too much space. Check out our modern cabinet designs if you still need more storage.

Whether you’re building a legitimate home library or just looking for a small corner bookshelf to complete your reading nook, RealRooms offers well-designed pieces that instantly add elegance and personality to any home — and you don’t have to be an English major to work them seamlessly into your design.