We take our TV viewing very seriously (too seriously?) here at RealRooms, and we have everything you need to create the perfect home entertainment setup.

Orientation should be your first consideration. Corner cabinets can work well, but we find they sometimes cut off the living room and make the space feel smaller than it has to. A slimmer stand that hugs the wall will maximize your real estate, allowing for other additions like a nice accent table or futon.

Lots of people love the rustic contrast that our farmhouse console styles provide, which also feature electric fireplace inserts usable with or without heat for year-round ambiance. We also have great modern designs in neutral + wood grain finishes, as well as rustic white + dark greys. Or maybe you prefer something a little retro? Either way, all our stands are easy to assemble and cleverly designed to help you hide away electric wires + AV components.

Once you’ve chosen the right style, you should decide what height is optimal for your TV stand. Depending on the inch size and base of your screen, you may want a slightly lower or higher position. As well, how close or far away your sofa is will also influence that decision. It’s a good idea to break out some masking tape and measure things out to help visualize everything beforehand.