Choosing the Best Pet Carrier

Sometimes, leaving your little puppy or kitten at home just isn’t an option. We’re not exactly complaining! Whether you’re bringing your pet along out of choice or obligation, travelling with your cat or dog becomes a whole lot easier when you’ve got the right gear. Our animal loving designers at RealRooms have created some great stroller, trolly, and sling carrier bag options to keep them comfortable + safe in transit.

All our pet carriers are made with durable, easy-to-clean materials, featuring breathable designs and other pet-approved features that help keep them physically protected while en route. Plus, they’re a lot more comfortable than the average crate.

If you’re heading to the airport, always remember to check with your airline beforehand to make sure your pet + carrier makes it through check-in. Policies are always changing, and you don’t want to get turned away at the gate. Trust us, even the best puppy eyes won’t work on customs officers. And don’t forget your paperwork! Many destinations require up-to-date health certificates, so a quick visit to the vet may be in order before your departure date.