Dining tables are always a much deliberated purchase since they’re such an important part of your dining room. A good table should easily last for many years, so going timeless vs. choosing something that’s currently on trend might be the wiser move in terms of style. We tend to favor simple designs with farmhouse flair or industrial neutrals since they’re versatile enough to evolve alongside the rest of your dining room.

Now let’s talk about measurements. Many experts suggest leaving about 3 feet of space on all sides of the table, so your dining room doesn’t feel too claustrophobic and people can come and go with ease. But don’t be afraid to shrink things down in smaller homes or apartment spaces; you can definitely make things work with a small table or high top with stools.

What about seating? If the table you’re looking at doesn’t come with accompanying chairs or stools, you can head over to our RealRooms chair collection to explore some flexibly designed options that might add a pop of color or industrial style to the space. Don’t forget: the chairs don’t necessarily have to match the style of the table! If you have a modern glass or marble table, a rustic chair set might add some nice depth. Just remember to measure everything beforehand to make sure they fit together (factoring in an extendable leaf), leaving up to a foot of space in between the seat and the tabletop for maximum comfort.