Even the simplest of beds can be totally transformed — both stylistically and functionally — with the right headboard. Most design experts will say your headboard should complement the aesthetic of your bedroom, not compete with it. Choose rich wood grain finishes like brown oak or walnut for a rustic appeal with natural focal power.  
      For a more classic and comforting style, you may prefer an upholstered or tufted headboard that adds some texture and soft decorative flair. Hard-working white and black neutrals can be great for modern minimalism.  


      Beyond color, you should also consider function when choosing between upholstered, metal, or wood styles. Metal is much easier to clean, so it’s great for kids rooms — but obviously not as comfortable to lean against as plush linen upholstery, which can also add some great texture to the room. 


      And how big? The size of your headboard should be relative to the size of your room. In big master bedrooms, a large headboard can definitely create a luxurious feel — but in smaller rooms, a shorter headboard is better to help maximize the feeling of space.  


      Whatever aesthetic you’re envisioning for your bedroom, RealRooms offers a smart collection of timeless, practically designed headboards to fit king, queen, full, and twin beds. Every style is easy to assemble, with predrilled holes to quickly attach to your pre-existing frame. It’s a simple upgrade that can totally transform the feel of your room.