It’s tech time when you venture down the NTense Furniture path. Each gaming design has been tested and enhanced by feedback from gamers, steamers, and self-proclaimed “nerds” to launch a successful totally gaming furniture brand! Suppose you're looking for an incredible game room TV Stand to deck out for movie night or a LAN party. In that case, the NTense TV Stands perfectly match all the bells and whistles console video gamers are looking for. Starting with wire management, console shelving, LED lights and ending with one of the most essential features - proper airflow for all your high-tech components. If it's a spacious desk for your nightly raids you seek, then the gaming desk line is perfect for your needs. NTense Furniture offers desks for both large and small spaces to accommodate the modest newb to the twitch streaming pro. Choose from computer desks, corner desks, and L-shaped desks to complete your ideal gaming command station.