Shall we take this party outdoors? Our rolling serving carts are a stylish and versatile option for entertaining, making it easy to bring out tea, cocktails and refreshments onto the back deck or patio. Easy to move around and equipped with locking castors to stop your precious cargo from rolling away, all our serving carts come in sharp colors (including hand-painted aluminum and rustic wooden textures) made with easy-to-clean surfaces and built-to-last wheels. They’re also ideal for poolside sipping or while you read on your chaise lounger.

And guess what? These carts look just as good indoors. During the off-season, try using them inside bedrooms, dorm rooms, kitchens or office common areas. Pretty much anywhere you could use some highly mobile storage + fresh pop of style. We also offer folding serving carts with slatted shelves so you can save some space in-between usage.

And don’t forget about outdoor storage! Even if they’re waterproof, you don’t want to leave out your patio furniture cushions all the time, or else they can begin to show early signs of wear (and nobody likes to sit down on a soggy seat). Our outdoor storage garden boxes are an easy and durable solution, perfect for hiding away cushions, pool supplies, gardening tools, and other outdoor items.