We’re going to let you in on a shocking truth – the average person spends a minimum of 200,000 hours in bed over the course of a lifetime. Yes, you read that correctly! So, your Pinterest obsession with bed linens and cushions is totally making a whole lot of sense right now. Every person deserves a comfortable and stylish spot to rest their head day or night and having great looking and great feeling bedding is half the equation when it comes to mastering quality sleep. Let’s go through some of the essentials that you’ll need to turn your bed into a cozy refuge.

Pillow Power – The easiest and simplest way to transform your sleeping space, a good pillow has the potential to relieve neck pain, align your spine, and improve weight distribution for proper rest and support. Most experts recommend that you switch out your pillow every 1 to 2 years, but that shouldn’t be too difficult considering our wide pillow assortment. From anti-microbial gusset, down alternative, goose down feather, to organic cotton fill pillows, we have everything under the sun to get you started on your journey to better sleep in all size varieties suited to your personalized preferences – standard, queen. king, and jumbo. And what about pillow accessories you ask? Don’t be silly, we’d never forget about the pillowcases, quilted shams, and pillow protectors that you’ll need to keep your pillow fresh and promote good sleep hygiene.

Bring On the Comfy Blankets – The secret is out, wanting to cover yourself up in a snug and protective blanket isn’t something only little kids crave, grown-ups want some soothing moments comfortably wrapped up in softness too. The benefits of having a warm and relaxing blanket or comforter by the bed can’t be overstated – mainly stress reduction. At RealRooms, we’ve curated a selection of bed covers to make bedtime a restful snoozefest. From hypoallergenic comforters that satisfy sensitive sensibilities, allergen barrier blankets that keep all the nasties away to sneeze-proof your bed, and cooling blankets that prevent pesky overheating during the nighttime, our bedspreads all come in stylish choices, in various fabric blends, and in multiple sizes to put a smile on your face.

Bedding Sets, Mattress Pads, and Much More – No bed would be complete without a crisp and clean sheet set to cap off your relaxation zone. From quality thread count cotton blend, microfiber, and fleece fitted and flat sheets offered in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizing, our bed linens come in attractive colors and prints to add vibrancy to your bedroom without much effort and deliver a soft surface for curling up in bed. And speaking of relaxed surfaces, our range of mattress pads are bound to turn your mattress from a dud to a stud by adding an extra layer of quilted comfort for a heavenly sleep experience. Available in cooling and allergen barrier options, these mattress pads will give your body targeted relief to snuggle every curve.