Choosing the Best Pet Bed

At RealRooms, we’re big-time pet lovers — and certainly guilty of letting our dogs and cats cuddle up on our human beds a little too often. No judgment here! But if it’s time to set them up with their own lounge space (or if your little scratcher lost their human furniture privileges due to bad behavior), then we’ve got the perfect pet-friendly sofas and beds that will help them lounge in style.

RealRooms has designed some beautiful modern pet furniture styles inspired by in human models — made slightly smaller with additional features cat and dog owners will love. On top of looking amazing anywhere in the house, from the bedroom to the living room, these compact couches and beds are made with pet-friendly materials that are stain-resistant and water-proof. Removable covers make them easy to wash, protecting you in case they have an accident. Plus, they can provide great orthopedic support and help relieve common pet health problems like joint pain or arthritis, which is especially prevalent in large breeds.

Often, owners will gravitate towards furniture colors that match the tone of their animals in an attempt to hide shed fur. But we recommend worrying less about matching your pet’s fur color (especially if your puppies are hypoallergenic) and more about prioritizing furniture that’s easy to clean. With a few routine washings, these styles will continue to look great for years.