4 Design Trends to Watch in 2021

See you later, 2020. 

Don’t let that beautiful door hit you on the way out.

Honestly, what a year. Our crystal ball is still in the repair shop, so we can’t say exactly what 2021 will look like from a big picture perspective. But we can take you through some of the biggest interior decorating + style trends that are set to take hold next year.

Here are 4 concepts we’re keeping our eye on heading into 2021:

1) Naval Tones (or maybe not?)

Tyler Velvet Futon

Rich naval blues were the undisputed champion of the paint world last year. Sherwin Williams even named it their Color Of The Year and many design experts are predicting this deep, grounding look will continue to dominate in 2021 (in which case, we’ve got the perfect futon). 

2) Bringing the Outdoors Inside (and vice versa)

3 Piece Bistro Set

One of the biggest lessons we learned in 2020 was to stop taking the o make their space feel like a mini vacation while travel options remain limited.

No yard? No problem. For city dwellers and condo residents, the same notion would apply with inverse effects. Bringing naturally inspired elements indoors (anything from rustic wood pieces, stone materials, plants, and even wicker) will help breathe some much needed natural energy into your space. It doesn’t have to be a big purchase, either; animal prints, floral motifs, and little accents inspired by Mother Nature can all help to achieve an outdoor/indoor-harmony. 

3) Working Smarter, No Matter The Space
Jocelyn Storage Desk

Millions of people were forced to embrace the work-from-home life earlier this year with plenty of bumps along the way (“Your mic is on mute, Susan”). While some people are returning to the office, everyone still working from home will be using the last 6+ months of experience to optimize their workstations and cut down on clutter.

We anticipate a movement towards multi-functional setups that can work well in any space. A perfect example, our Jocelyn Storage Desk, which provides ample storage without taking up too much real estate — perfect as a workstation, crafting table, or even in the kids’ room.

4) Whatever You Want It To Be

Better yet, why don’t you throw all these predictions out the window and craft something that’s completely unique to you? This past year gave a lot of people the unexpected opportunity to explore new hobbies, styles, and self-interests — and we hope to see some of that individualism reflected in next year’s home decor trends.

Some celebrity inspo: Gigi Hadid recently took the concept of individualism to a stylish extreme when she shared her new living room décor that was full of bright, contrasting bohemian elements. And before you shudder at the price tags, we promise it’s possible to achieve a similar effect on a budget! It could be as simple as adding a bold accent piece to contrast the rest of your room, or installing a new bookshelf to display some of your quirkiest conversation pieces. Either way, don’t be afraid to get wildly creative.


It’s safe to say we all deserve a fresh start in 2021. And with a few simple (and affordable) injections of RealRooms items, you can create a space that totally rejuvenates your home’s energy.

Are there any other design trends you’re excited to welcome (or say goodbye to) in 2021? Follow us on Instagram and let us know what you think.