The 5 Colors You Need to Happify your Home

Did you know that it’s a proven fact that the colors we surround ourselves by have a discernible effect on our frame of mind? People tend to gravitate towards neutral shades that bring them a sense of safety, familiarity and control, which is why that one particular gray sweater or t-shirt in your closet gets worn over and over again! But as any self-proclaimed fashionista would tell you, incorporating a brighter hue into a neutral palette is essential because it adds contrast and definition onto an otherwise boring ensemble that’s lacking in personality. Plus lively colors also signal a sense of joy and mood altering optimism that simply cannot be conveyed through basic black or casual beige.  As is the case with your wardrobe, your home also needs artfully placed pops of color to give it dimensionality and an upbeat presence. Fortunately, the latest on-trend colors perfectly complement neutral backgrounds and are just what you need to revitalize your interiors. Take a look at the stunning assortment of colorful furniture items that are bound to bring on the Happy.

Pretty in Pink

The color associated with femininity and love, pink, is a gorgeous shade that can be embraced in your home without ever looking overtly childish as some mistakenly assume. A sophisticated pink piece set against the backdrop of a gray wall can deliver loads of refinement and add much needed depth whilst putting a smile on your face! One such item is the Shadwick 2 Door Metal Locker Accent Cabinet, finished in a subdued pinkish tone that will no doubt elevate your décor and give you essential storage space for your items with its built-in shelving. Ideal for your living room or home office, it checks off all the boxes when it comes to style, function, and affordability.

Mint Julep

The color of tranquillity and nature, green, elicits a feeling of calm and clarity which is why you feel such an overwhelming sense of peace when you’re sitting next to your treasured houseplants. Although finding just the right shade of green to outfit your space without coming across as a leprechaun can seem like a difficult feat, not anymore: the Shadwick Metal Locker End Table comes in the ultimate minty pale green tint and serves to warm up any stark white setting with its inviting aura. Great placed on either side of your bed or sofa, these tables give you a practical location to keep books, remotes, or other commonly misplaced items such as phones and tablets completely within reach.

Terracotta Touch

Earthy with a Mediterranean vibe, terracotta is a warm sun drenched color that reminds you of destinations yet to be traveled and memories of summers past. Mixed with beige accents, the shade can help to curate a comforting and harmonized style sensibility in your living space. And one ignored spot in your home that could greatly benefit from a dose of terracotta color therapy is the entryway. With the Shadwick Single Door Metal Locker Storage Cabinet, the hustle and bustle of comings and goings are perfectly contained in one area with interior shelves that give you a place to store your shoes, keys, and incoming mail.

Turquoise Dreams

The color of water glistening upon the surface of the ocean, turquoise, is a refreshing tone that embodies the energy of seaside waves hitting your feet along the beach. Known to stimulate a feeling of serenity, it perfectly correlates with outdoor summer living. And while you may not live near the sandy shores, it is possible to bring a bit of turquoise magic into your own backyard patio or condo balcony. The Outdoor Dining Set 5 Piece Bistro with 2 Chairs and 2 Ottomans looks totally in tune set against a brick or paneled wall and will quickly become your preferred hangout oasis during the warmer months.

Sky’s the Limit

What do you see when you look outside your kitchen window? Probably the beautifully formed clouds roaming the pale blue sky, which is a marked difference from the white subway tiles and cabinets that you’re usually use to looking at. Bring some peaceful bliss, added space and delightful color into your busy kitchen with the light blue 2 Tier Serving Cart – a multiuse accessory that can be used to serve meals and drinks, store dinnerware and cookware, or keep guilty pleasure pantry staples like your Choco Crunch cereal – we won’t tell!

Got a color in mind that you’re itching to add into your own home? Let us know by tagging @realrooms because we love hearing about what inspires you. Happy decorating!