Give Your Kid’s Bedroom a Makeover with the Jocelyn Storage Collection

You’ve already tackled revamping your living room, your dining room and your master bedroom décor, and now it’s time to give your kid’s room a makeover! We know what you’re thinking, “how can I possibly find enough space to keep all their stuff organized?”. Our answer: fun and functional storage furniture that will keep their favorite toys and games at arms reach, and off the floor! Coincidentally, it just so happens that we have the perfect storage collection to help you make your kid’s bedroom a clutter-free zone. Let us introduce to you the Jocelyn Storage Collection; the collection that will show you that it’s possible to use the words kids and clean in the same sentence.

The Jocelyn Storage Bookcase & Jocelyn Storage Cube with Drawers

Jocelyn Storage Bookcase and Jocelyn Storage Cube with Drawers

Don’t fight with the clutter in their room, simply get the Jocelyn Storage Cube with Drawers and the Jocelyn Storage Bookcase to help you store away all your kids’ blankets, books, toys and board games. The alternative is to do a cleanse and get rid of all the things that you don’t actually need… Don’t panic, we don’t want that either, which is why we created the Jocelyn collection. It keeps everything organized in open compartments and/or drawers. Perfect for your kid’s bedroom, the Jocelyn Storage Cube and Jocelyn Storage Bookcase also makes great additions to any room in your home that’s in need of a little more organization.

The Jocelyn Storage Desk

Jocelyn Storage Desk

Looking for a multi-functional solution for you and your kids to have a spot to do homework as well as arts and crafts? Look no further than the Jocelyn Storage Desk! The large work surface provides plenty of storage space to keep any room organized. The six shelves provide much needed space to store books, binders and craft supplies until the next time you feel like tackling a DIY project. Unique hanging shelves or homemade wall art maybe? The Jocelyn keeps all your essentials easily accessible, but also keeps your workspace clutter-free. The back panel on the top bookcase is reversible so you can have a blue or pink pop of color to match your style and mood.

The Jocelyn Toy Storage Bench and Coat Rack

Jocelyn Toy Storage Bench and Coat Rack

Have you ever heard someone complain that they have too much storage? No? Well neither have we! Which is why we created the Jocelyn Storage Bench and Coat Rack. With three side shelves and three lower cubbies, the storage options are endless. Add bins of any style to the lower cubbies to create concealed storage or use the open shelves to highlight their craft projects. The storage space can also be used for blankets, books, and board games! Hang coats, sweaters, and hats on the metal coat rack to keep their clothes off the floor and keep you happy. The cushioned bench is also the perfect spot to help them put on their shoes in the morning as you rush to get them ready for school.

Available in White, Dove Gray, Navy and Blonde Oak, the pieces from the Jocelyn Storage Collection are a quick and easy solution to a big problem! Show us how you keep your kid’s room organized by tagging us @realrooms.