7 Must-Have Items for Style-Savvy Pet Owners

Time for a quick survey: raise your hand if you’re guilty of spoiling your pet from time to time?

Mmhmm, yup, that looks like all of you — us included.

We make no apologies! Our pets are members of our family, and they deserve the same kind of stylish thought and comfort that goes into the rest of our home. That's why RealRooms recently launched our very own fashion-forward pet collection, inspired by some of our favorite human designs.

It's time to upgrade from that sterile crate and ratty old dog bed that's been chewed halfway to oblivion! We suggest you start off by treating your pet to one of these gorgeous designs + handy accessories.

Luna Accent Table with Cat Bed

If you love the idea of a cat tree but hate the idea of having to stare at it all day, the Luna Accent Table might be the perfect compromise. It looks and functions like an elegant storage console, but also has some subtle cat-friendly features your little fur monster will love.

Below a pair of concealed drawers are four lower shelves including a built-in lounge pad that's perfect for cat naps. It also features a play shelf with a hanging toy, and a circular cutout for easy hopping. Meanwhile, you can use the tabletop surface to display framed photos or conversation pieces — depending on how much you trust your cat not to knock everything over, of course.

O'Malley Tufted Pet Sofa

Don't get us wrong. We love cuddling up with our furry friends on the couch (and yes, sometimes in bed) as much as any pet lover. But trust us — you both deserve a little bit of your own space, and the O'Malley Tufted Pet Sofa is guaranteed to out-style any standard issue pet bed.

Crafted with soft velvet upholstery and stain-resistant fabric, the O'Malley is basically a pet-friendly, miniaturized version of our popular human design with luxe vintage-inspired flair available in three colors, so you can easily integrate it into your current room design.

Not only will it look way better than that floppy cushion bed they've been ignoring, it's also ergonomically designed to conform to your pet's body, providing therapeutic support that helps to relieve joint pain, aches, and other common pet ailments like arthritis and hip dysplasia.

The Duke Aquarium Stand

Little glass fishbowls are cute, but for anyone who's serious about investing in their aquatic friends, a more sophisticated (and much larger) home is likely necessary. Which begs the question: where will this sizable aquarium actually live in your home? The Duke Aquarium Stand is a great solution, providing beautifully finished, multifunctional storage + display with some extra special features that make tank maintenance less of a hassle.

As experienced fish owners already know, aquariums aren't exactly low maintenance. They require a lot more equipment and space than you might suspect, which is why this aquarium stand features an open concept back panel that makes it easy to connect various tank accessories. Bonus: its adjustable hideaway storage shelves are perfect for discreetly storing food and other supplies. Available in two sizes, the smaller model is designed to safely accommodate 10 to 20 gallon tanks — but there's also a double wide 55 gallon option for owners with larger species (or just a really big pirate ship!). And like everything else in our RealRooms Pets Collection, the Duke stand boasts a sleek, modern feel in two gorgeously weathered finishes: sandy or rustic pine.

Kendra Pet Carrier Trolley, Stroller and Bag

Sometimes leaving your pet home alone isn't an option, whether it's for logistical reasons or (let's be honest) just because you want their cute face along for the ride. Either way, the Kendra Pet Carrier Trolley will help you transport your small dog or cat in safe and comfortable style, available in your choice of cool blue cheetah + black camouflage prints.

Designed for small breeds approximately 11 pounds or less, it features stain-resistant materials and all-around mesh for strong air circulation. With four shock-absorbent spinner wheels, they'll always be in for a smooth ride. Plus, with a simple push downward on the trolley handle, it instantly converts into an adjustable backpack design with straps and a hanging loop.

If you have an extra small buddy, check out the Kendra Pet Bag, which features many of the same pet-friendly features in an over-the-shoulder style that's great for breeds under 8 pounds.

And when their little legs get tired during a long walk through the neighborhood, sit them down into our super comfortable Kendra Pet Stroller. Your furry friend will certainly enjoy the ride!

Some of our other favorites:

Roscoe Pet Sofa

Upholstered with diamond tufted details, available in black, grey, and a rich emerald green. Suitable for breeds up to 100 pounds. From $289.99

Milo Cat House End Table

A sleek, modern side table with a built-in nap cubby for your furry friend. Perfect for living room hangs together. From $99.99

Duke Litter Box Enclosure

Hide away your cat's litter box in this weathered woodgrain console to add some rustic, and very useful, charm to your living space. From $199.99

* * *

Have you already introduced your pet to one of our RealRooms pieces? We love nothing more than a good pup or kitty picture — so tag @RealRooms on social media and let us see how everyone is getting along!