Five Reasons an Electric Fireplace Should Be Added to Your Cart

We all want to feel at home in our own home. Whether you are in your forever home or transitioning with rentals, it's essential to feel safe, warm, and happy, especially during the colder months when the winter blues start to kick in. We're pretty confident that's why fireplaces were invented anyway. I mean, looking past all the heating benefits and cost-efficient bonuses…don’t they just always set a happy and snuggly mood? If you are on the cusp of, I NEED one, and maybe next year, let us help you make that final decision before the late-night Christmas movie marathons kick in. 

  1. Electric fireplaces are super easy to control. Not all of us were in the scouts, so starting a fire isn't on our resume, and this old dog doesn't have time for a new trick. It's literally the push of a button with an electric fireplace, and you have a controlled flame to heat your space at juuuust the right temperature. It’s a win-win.  
  2. Cleaning is the worst, amirite? Let's talk about how you DON'T have to deal with a massive mess with an electric fireplace. No wood chips, ashes, or sparks flying all over your nice clean floors. After all, what do we look like, lumberjacks? No, I support flannel wear, but I don't do the whole swinging an ax thing to get my firewood. Plus, since they are so clean, they look brand new after years of use! 
  3. They make your space feel complete. Did you ever look at a wall and think, "something is missing."? If your answer is "All. The. Time!" then stay with us. Much like the perfect TV Stand, a Fireplace TV Stand will polish off an unfinished space faster than you can say, "What does it need?". It automatically comes with a focal point (the luscious fireplace insert). Then you have the shelving around it to place all your favorite knick-knacks. Boom! Your basic wall is now stacked with things that you like to look at, and you didn’t even have to put a million holes everywhere (sorry gallery wall trend, but we are looking at you.). 
  4. You can put them anywhere! Cold in the living room…add a fireplace. Drafty in your spare room and guests are arriving in a week…add a fireplace. Bit chilly in the basement where your new office is? Fireplace it is! The indoor possibilities are endless, and we are here for it!  
  5. Did we mention that you can use it year-round? That should rank pretty high on the list of important things to know. Turning off the heating element during the warmer months but still being able to set the mood will be key for those summer date nights. Let's keep the flames going all year. 

Now that you're on board with the idea of electric fireplaces, there is a whole world of options! May we suggest a few good ones? The Real Rooms Vesta Electric Fireplace TV Stand is just one outstanding option. It will be available in three colors and has a versatile style to dress it up for your uber-modern living room or your comfy coastal sitting room. Get ready for this one to hit the site early 2021! 


From modern to coastal, dress it up or dress it down! 


Or, if you’re looking for something a little more rustic + industrial, meet the Wildwood Fireplace TV Stand. It shows beautifully in multiple different styles with the hardware and X side panel details. Available NOW! 


Ooh la la, check out that hardware! 


So, let's heat up your space this winter with the perfect Real Rooms Fireplace units. Social distancing makes it hard to feel comfortable out and about, so just take it easy at home next to the warm fire. Let's say "bye, bye" to the winter blues!