Affordable and Infinitely Stylish Living Room Essentials

Just moved into your dream home huh? Well, you’re not alone. An estimated 80% of all moves in the U.S. occur between the late spring and early fall seasons for obvious reasons - we imagine it’s no fun lugging up personal belongings on an icy sidewalk! While it’s super exciting to get settled into your new address, whether you’ve snagged yourself a killer studio apartment or a palatial 3 bedroom abode, truth be told, there’s nothing sadder than walking into a stark living room space. And if you’ve been in your place for a while now, and your living room still looks like vacant or bland mess, then we need to talk.

Let’s be honest, the living room is the true heart of your home (sorry dear kitchen). It’s where you head to when you take your shoes off after coming home from a rough day’s work, where you gossip with loved ones and where you indulge in that nighttime pint of Rocky Road ice-cream while skimming through TV channels to find your all-time fave corny shows. It’s time you finally ditched the scratched hand-me down coffee table that you picked up from your mom’s basement because it no longer costs an arm and a leg to design the living room of your dreams. Pick up our living room basics and watch your boring lounge area transform from a bummer to a stunner.

Tyler Time

Now, first things first, no living room is complete without a reliable couch, a pair of cool end tables and an awesome coffee table. You can build your whole living room aesthetic from the ground up with these 3 essential pieces. Fortunately, you can curate a space that’ll stand the test of time when it comes to endless style with the ingenious Tyler Living Room Collection. Designed to fit any sized home, the Tyler will incorporate the ideal level of function and form to your wayward sitting area.

Take a good long look at the Tyler Velvet Futon. With its decadent upholstery available in an array of lush colors, it’ll add the vitality that your empty room needs. This square tufted futon brings more to the plate than meets the eye – its adjustable backrest lets you convert it from a sofa and lounger to a guest sleeper bed for unexpected arrivals.

Dress up your room with a pair of complementary end tables that offer an updated touch of Mid-Century Modern refinement. The Tyler End Table, with its posh slanted legs and classic profile, acts as the perfect hub for your phone or one-of-a-kind table lamp. And with its open shelf and drawer, it’ll give you extra storage space to keep your living room devoid of clutter.

Not to be outdone, the Tyler Coffee Table rounds off the entire look. An extension to the matching end table, it delivers additional Mid-Century style and utility with an airy shelf that is ideal for displaying your collection of artsy coffee table books and a large side drawer where you can store commonly misplaced remotes or tablets.

Totally Lit

Give your dimly lighted living room a revamped appearance with a custom looking table or stand lamp. Available in lower priced options from a variety of big box stores, online retailers or even charming local flea markets, there is no reason why you can’t find lighting pieces that speak to your individuality. From dramatic textured glass or ceramic bases to geometrically fused metallic and wood pedestals, all that’s left is to pick out a lamp shade.

Green Thumb

Put off by indoor greenery? We understand, you might’ve once upon a time forgotten to water your plant or left it out in the sun too long leading to its tragic demise, and are now plagued by bad memories. But you’d be surprised to learn that there are an assortment of house plants, such as the Lucky Bamboo, Zanzibar Gem, Snake Plant, Pothos and Money Tree, that are virtually indestructible (even by you!). So give your living room an infusion of nature, character and some innate air purifying action with these calming additions.

Curtain Call

Frame your living room window with some back rod sheer white curtains to let natural light easily shine through and front rod patterned side panels to introduce a bit of dynamic color. Floor to ceiling drapes will not only give your room a needed injection of style but they will create the illusion of a larger looking space.

TV Trouble

Binge-watching the latest greatest shows or setting up your brand spanking new gaming console is pretty tough if you don’t have a dedicated spot to prop your TV or A/V equipment. The Dougherty TV Stand for TVs up to 65” is the streamlined solution for all your entertainment related concerns. With a hint of mod inspiration, it features 2 open shelves and 2 closed cabinets to provide ample space for all your devices to augment your viewing pleasure.

Personal Gallery

Bare walls need some love and who isn’t enamored with pieces of eye-catching artwork? Spice up your living room back wall with picture frames and posters that can be purchased relatively inexpensively from your corner bargain store to create a high-end look for a fraction of the price. 

Carpet Diem

Now that we’ve dealt with bare walls, let’s take a moment to address bare surfaces. Walking on chilly hardwood floors or ceramic tiles absolutely isn’t what your tootsies signed up for. A soft area rug in the center of your living room will certainly provide the warmth that your feet and your room need. Opt for a hip tribal print or abstract color palette to modernize your interior. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of synthetic fiber rugs in the marketplace; these rugs cost substantially less than their natural fiber counterparts without sacrificing on quality.

Throw Show

If lazy days on the couch are what you’re all about, then we suggest you invest in some throw pillows and a throw blanket to amplify your relaxation quotient. These accent pieces will not only envelop you in comfort but they’ll serve as an embellishment to your living room décor. If you already own some throw pillows that have seen better days, simply purchase a few pillow covers to create an entirely new look while simultaneously saving some hard earned moolah – who doesn’t love that?

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