Pantone’s 2021 Colors of the Year – Challenge Accepted

Many of us know that life can sometimes serve you lemons. Some may choose to make a delicious drink with this citrus fruits, but we are choosing to turn them into a beautiful color paletteLet’s add a little “lemon zest” into our lives. You know what pairs wonderfully with yellow? Gray! It’s the perfect neutral to level out any vibrant color 


2021 Pantone Colors of the Year!  

Okay, you caught uswe didn’t come up with these colors all by ourselves, we can thank Pantone for this color combination bringing us cheer for 2021. We are blessed this year with not one, but two, colors to inspire our upcoming interior design plansWe’re looking at a neutral, calm gray known as Ultimate Gray 17-5104 and a sunny yellow, called Illuminating 13-0647. Both are great colors separately, but together elevate things to a whole new level!  

Maybe yellow is too bold for you or perhaps wasn’t in your previous décor plans, but it certainly can be now! Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to take over the entire space, sprinkle in pops of the color to give your space a new lookJust think of the throw pillows, area rugs, hand towels, and curtain options that you could add. Yellow will brighten up any space and breathe life back into your rooms.  

You may be wondering where to even start. The trick is starting with a base, or neutralSo, let’s work with gray as a nod to Ultimate Gray and RealRooms has a couple of options for you. 

First up, the Tyler Velvet Futon. Yes, we said velvet! This multifunctional piece is not only a lovely neutral, but it’s also super plush and inviting for lounging around or taking a nap. Its modern style and tufting details give it an elegant look to start you off in the right direction when decorating your space.  

Are you looking to start in a smaller space? How about the cute Euro Loveseat Futon? The gray paired with button tuft details on the back keeps a simple design looking sharp. Whether you are watching movies on the loveseat, or cracking open a new book, the Euro can be the perfect small nook space solution 

Shifting gears, let’s take a look at your bedroom. This is the room that always seems to get the least amount of love in the décor departmentTake the time to make your space what you want it to be! Check out the Alden Upholstered Bed with Storage DrawersIt’s certainly a dream come true for those of us who never seem to have enough space to store all our seasonal attire or cozy bedding. If someone asked me for the perfect bed design, I would ALWAYS say built-in-storage. AL-WAYS! This bed comes in Twin, Full, Queen, and King to accommodate all needs.  

Use the Basin Storage Cabinet with Drawer as the perfect base piece to show off your new color scheme! 

Just one more thing to think about while redecorating for the new year…storage. We can help add gray to your space AND give you some much needed extra storage. It’s a total win-win. Our Basin collection comes in multiple sizes and offers the right storage solution for any sized space. Don’t be afraid to add a little flair to these cabinets too. Might we suggest a yellow handle for a Pantone worthy look 

Now that we are set on our base items, let’s chat about some pops of color. It’s simple really, just add a little dash of yellow here and a little there. Pillows and cuddly blankets are easy to grab from just about any home store. Shop for area rugs or curtains with a hint of yellow or be daring and grab a can of paint to create the perfect yellow accent wall! The decorating choices are all yours, and that’s truly the fun part. Check out the photo inspiration below to get your creative wheels spinning!