Spring/Summer 2021 Color Edition

It’s time to ditch the safe monochromatic neutral hues that got folks through the blustery fall and frigid winter spells to make way for shades that will help usher in the sunnier seasons ahead. As spring is officially in full bloom (finally!), there is no better time to update our décor and add some missing oomph back into our homes with the kind of energy that only lively colors can awaken. Luckily, Pantone has guided us in the right direction when it comes to picking out the right furniture pieces, paint colors and accent items inspired by a nature-driven palette.

These Pantone approved colors are bound to brighten up your day (and your interior) with their vibrancy and upbeat disposition for the upcoming months. 



A relaxed sunlit orange illuminated by a faint yellow undertone, Marigold is a cheerful color that is ever-present in gorgeous spring gardens found lining quaint neighborhood lanes. Why not bring a tad of the outdoors in with the addition of a textured vase which showcases a beautiful floral bouquet that similarly shares this color’s name and vivid tint?



Look up at the skies and an overwhelming feeling of calm is bound to hit you. Cerulean is the peacefully hazy bluish tone that precipitates this sense whenever you step outside or gaze out the window. But that sensation doesn’t have to be limited to catching occasional glimpses of the skyline.  Bring some simple cerulean sereneness inside with a can of paint and experience what transformed walls can do for your overall sense of being.



Unapologetically earthy and reminiscent of the terracotta clay pots that your grandma used to display her lush green ferns, rust is a wholesome shade that is imbued with the elements of nature. Give your living room a hint of rustic appeal by adding the Shadwick Metal Locker End Table, a convenient storage spot that features two strong shelves for holding essentials, and use it to show off your own impeccable houseplants (Nana would be so proud!).



Here comes the sun! Illuminating is a bold and daring yellow color that shines bright wherever it makes an appearance. The official color of happiness, turn your area into a stress-free zone by incorporating the cozy Tyler Velvet Futon, a truly golden seating and sleeping piece that’ll put a smile on your face.



Did you know that in every local or international survey, people most often reply that blue is their favorite color? And no wonder why by looking at the captivating French blue shade that permeates with Parisian pride. Slip in some nods to your much-loved color in the form of throw pillows placed fashionably on your equally adored Euro Loveseat Futon which doubles as a guest bed and features ingenious side pockets to store your ever-wandering remote controls.



A soothing pastel that instantly evokes tranquil springtime memories of childhood moments spent with loved ones, green ash is one of those colors that is easy on the eyes and comforting to the soul. Splash your bare wall with a colorful abstract print that brings an updated modern take on this classic tint.



Amiable and vivacious, burnt coral combines the feminine aspects of pink with the energetic vigor of orange to produce a color that is uniquely optimistic. Convey a little bit of this confidence in your kitchen with the addition of the 2-Tier Serving Cart, the ideal everyday multiuse accessory to serve homemade dinners or store dishes and utensils in space deprived areas.



Slightly sweet with a cool refreshing aftertaste, mint is the sort of color that leaves a lingering impression with its clean fresh look. This color can easily be infused into your home with the inclusion of some easy to care for plants, that according to studies, have the proven benefits of purifying indoor air and improving one’s mood.



A deep jewel tone that symbolizes metal clarity and calmness, amethyst orchid is just the kind of color that works perfectly in a bedroom space to ease an overactive mind before sleep. Drape your Alden Platform Bed with Storage Drawers in comfortable bedding accented by this soothing color to promote relaxation - the best part, with its under bed storage compartments, you’ll actually have a place to keep your newly purchased linens.



Remember indulging in an overflowing ice cream cone as a kid? Raspberry sorbet blends romantic pink with ravishing red to create a sweet yet tangy hue that will have you reliving your glory days. Try breaking out of your (egg)shell and introduce some dramatic printed curtains into the mix to flaunt this sometimes hard to tame color.

What shades are you most looking forward to incorporating into your space?  Tag @realrooms. You know what they say… live life in color!