Father’s Day Gift Guide for Deserving Dads

We know what dads routinely say when Father’s Day comes along, “I don’t need ANYTHING!” in that usual gruff voice.  Deep down, you know that your dad’s got a secret wish list stashed away somewhere in his head but he’ll never tell you what’s on it because he’s always putting his family’s needs above his own and doesn’t like it when anyone fusses over him. Buying just the right gift for dad can be tricky because you don’t want to get him something that’ll eventually end up in a dark corner never being used or appreciated. Remember when you got him that fancy dress shirt and tie last year and they just ended up in the back of his closet collecting dust? That was a real bust! Why not think closer to home when it comes to presents that your homebody dad will actually enjoy? Whether your dad loves boisterous backyard BBQs with close family and friends or quiet evenings alone watching the big football game, we’ve rounded up the best Father’s Day gifts for dads who prefer spending their days and nights in. Really, for all the work that dads put in to enrich our lives, it’s the least we could do.

Fire up the Grill

For the dads who gleefully anticipate the first day of summer to bust out their prized propane gas barbeque and show off their tenderloin cooking prowess, they’re in luck because Father’s Day actually coincides with the Summer Solstice this year. Plan a backyard shindig in honor of pop where he can regale guests with stories of past triumphs while joyfully overstuffing their faces with literally the “best burgers in town.” For extra patio seating to entertain, the weather resistant resin Outdoor 4-Piece Wicker Patio Set comfortably seats 4 with 2 side chairs and a loveseat and gives dear ole dad a place to relax in between flipping meat. Plus, the included coffee table offers an opportune spot to rest plates of freshly grilled hot dogs and cold refreshments. Where’s the mustard?

Shaken not Stirred

While you’re at it, any backyard blowout would be incomplete without some skillfully mixed drinks and an extensive assortment of condiments. Your old man is in his prime when he’s stirring up some manly cocktails and garnishing platters of food to perfection, so much so that you could’ve sworn he was a mixologist or a food channel chef in a past life. Give him a stylish prep station near the grill where he can whip up one of his tasty concoctions on the fly with the Farmstead Aluminum 3 Shelf Serving Cart. The movable cart delivers tons of space for relish and rum and everything in between and comes in a dad approved rustic finish. Let the culinary king do his thing!

Modern Man Cave

Has your pop always chatted up the idea about turning the basement into his own personal sanctuary one day, complete with a bar and dedicated fridge for his preferred brewskies where he can hang out with the guys and shoot some pool? Help his dreams inch closer to reality by getting him the Lydia 30” Metal Bar Stool with Wood Seat. Sold in a set of 2, pick a few up and watch your dad finally start the process of converting an unfinished space into a cool lair. Dad will totally appreciate the industrial look and rugged vibe of these barstools and the fact that they’ve been tested for both home and commercial use, meaning that they’re built tough. Cheers to that!

TV Time

If your dad is anything like ours, we bet that he has a penchant for boasting about the size and capability of his new flat screen TV to anyone and everyone who will listen. From sound quality and resolution to smart features and connectivity, you’ve probably heard it all. But the odd part is that for all the love your old man displays for his treasured TV, he still has it perched on an ugly looking stand. Give his cutting edge TV a resting spot that’s worthy of its stature with the Norton Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 70.” It includes an electric fireplace insert with adjustable flame settings, a heating option that can warm up a room 400 square feet in size, and blue backlighting set against tempered glass storage shelves. Now at least dad will have something else to brag about.

Peace and Quiet

Notice how your dad dozes offs the minute he hunkers down on his favorite recliner? And when you call him out on it, he says you don’t know what you’re talking about. Hey, it’s totally understandable considering all the effort he puts in throughout the week to keep everything running smoothly, but his recliner sure has seen better days, which is why it’s currently been regulated to a hidden corner. Why not give your dad a chair that not only feels good but looks good as well? Whether resting tired feet up after a long workday or just settling in for some nail-biter playoff action, the Baker Velvet Gliding Recliner is stylish enough to be welcomed back into the main living areas and offers cozy headrest and backrest padding with a quick release trigger that’ll let dad glide into total relaxation. Dads need a little me-time too you know!

What awesome Father’s Day plans do you have rolled up your sleeve this year? Tag @realrooms and give us some ideas on how to make dad feel like the king of his castle on his special day.