So we heard you’re in love…

There are 7.5 billion people in this world and you’ve been lucky enough to meet your match, your soulmate, your “forever and always”. Cupid has hit you with his magical bow and arrow and we know you’re dizzy, overflowing with love.

One question- Have you thought of the perfect Valentine’s Day date yet?

If not, don’t stress. Your friends at RealRooms have found date ideas we know you’re going to love.

Feeling cooped up after a long week of work? Take your date out!

Have a picnic while watching the sun set. The view will be beautiful and breathtaking, just like the first time you laid eyes on your partner. This rom-com style date is what you need to get those sparks flying.

Wine and Cheese

Spend the night together at a sophisticated restaurant with live music. The delicious food and classy music will guarantee romance. You’ll be able to have a great conversation with your partner, while listening to talented local musicians. This is the perfect spot for your artistic lover.

Try something new together!
 Enroll yourselves in a cooking, mixology or dance class. No better way for a couple to grow and self-improve than to learn and create together. Now is the time to do that one thing you’ve always wanted!

Don’t feel like heading out? Then stay in!

Build the coziest DIY tent and spend the night with your date. Simple and quick to make, all you’ll need to set it up are chairs, your softest blankets and pillows. Spruce up your night by adding the most iconic camping elements, like homemade s’mores, sleeping bags, your partner’s favorite snacks and drinks. Don’t forget to leave your cell phones behind. Nothing says “I love you” like giving your full attention to the one you love.

You can make dinner together and dine by candlelight. You’ll definitely get to know each other better, while eating a delicious home cooked meal prepared by the two of you. What’s more intimate than that?

Treat yourselves to an at home spa night. With wine, face masks, massages and boxes of delicious chocolate, you’ll be sure to relax and recharge together. Top off this romantic night by adding you and your partner’s favorite bath bomb to your bubble bath.

With all these creative ideas, you’ll be sure to be inspired and find the perfect date for you and your partner. Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at RealRooms! Follow us on Instagram for more @RealRooms