10 Metal Bed Frames That Don't Break the Bank

Your bed is more than an eye-catching piece of furniture, it is an important part of your well being, but finding the right one at the right price can be difficult.  With that in mind, here are some suggestions to help guide you on your quest to find the perfect bed on a budget.

One of the first things you must do is decide on bed size (king, queen, full, or twin), the hard part is choosing the style of bed you want. Making a decision about whether you want a wood, or a metal bed is a great place to start.  

Metal Beds vs Wood Beds

Although some types of wood may have a smaller environmental footprint than metal, wood is also more costly, heavier, and prone to damage. On the other hand, metal is inexpensive, lighter, and more scratch resistant. While metal beds are impervious to insects, wood-loving critters have been known to wreak havoc on wooden bed frames.

Mattress Support and Care

While metal is easier to clean, and requires less maintenance, metal beds are known to squeak over time (in most cases, this can be easily fixed by tightening the screws).  While some would have you believe that wooden beds offer more support than metal beds, there really is no difference. The support a bed offers comes down to the mattress and the design, not the material the bed frame is made from.

Safety and Design

One particularly zany allegation suggests that metal beds generate electromagnetic fields that pose a health threat. Rest assured that this claim is completely unfounded, so, you can put away your tinfoil hat and relax, you’ll get a great night’s sleep on a metal bed frame.  

Metal beds are safer as they are resistant to both heat and fire while wood is flammable.  Some metal bed frames are adjustable to accommodate different-sized mattresses, but there are no commercially available adjustable wood bedframes. Some metal beds are customizable allowing you to affix a headboard of your choosing.   Metal beds are also more space efficient than bulkier wood beds and many people prefer the thinner more elegant lines of metal bed frames. 

Colors and Finishes

In addition to being more affordable, safer, stronger, and more durable, metal beds come in a wide array of designs, colors, and finishes. Whether industrial, farmhouse, Victorian or modern, white, black or grey, Iron, bronze, or gold, there is a metal bed frame that is right for your home. The wide assortment of metal bed frames proves you don’t have to sacrifice style for bargain pricing. 

There are pros and cons to metal and wood beds, but it is hard to avoid the conclusion that when it comes to the best bang for your buck, metal beds are the hands-down winner. Here’s a list of cost-effective metal bed frames that range in price from $100 to $400.  Although some metal beds require a box spring or foundation the ten included in this list do not, so, you can save hundreds more dollars while providing your mattress with much-needed support and breathability.  All the beds featured in this list come with metal slats and side rails. Some are height adjustable, and they all have almost a foot of under-bed storage to accommodate things like shoes, extra linens, and seasonal clothing.

Best Traditional Metal Bed

This bed features an intricate headboard and footboard and at just over $200 it is a lot of bed for a small amount of cash.  The Tokyo Metal Bed’s classic design and timeless look will transform any bedroom and enhance any modern décor.

DHP Tokyo Metal Bed with Headboard, Footboard and Metal Slats

Best Victorian Metal Bed

The traditional design and elegant finial detailing of this metal bed make it a real showstopper. With its delicate curved metal headboards and footboards no one will believe how little you paid.  The luxurious feel of the Bombay Victorian bed is sure to help you get a good night’s sleep.

DHP Bombay Victorian Metal Bed with Secured Metal Slats

Best Farmhouse Metal Bed

The Industrial modern design of this metal bed frame features a headboard and a footboard with decorative round finial posts. the Bushwick Metal Bed is a well-priced bed that seamlessly complements any style or décor.

NOVOGRATZ Bushwick Metal Bed

Best Metal Canopy Bed

The Marion Canopy Bed is a stylish and classy centerpiece that will define your bedroom. Canopy beds are all the rage, and the mature and stylish look afforded by the Marion’s minimal metal frame is right on trend, particularly when paired with airy fabrics. Despite its impressive look, it is far less expensive than you might think.

NOVOGRATZ Marion Canopy Bed

Best Modern Metal Bed

When it comes to being on-trend, the Modern Metal Canopy Bed hits the mark. Its sleek silhouette and the straight simple lines of the built-in headboard are the height of style. This canopy bed will help you to create a distinctive look at an unbelievably low price.

DHP Modern Metal Canopy Bed with Sleek Built-In Headboard

Best Simple Metal Bed

The simple modern industrial design, rounded headboard and vertical slats make the Anastasia Metal Bed the perfect addition to your master bedroom, guest bedroom or teen’s room. The all-metal frame of this durable design will elevate any room décor without costing a fortune.


Best Kids’ Metal Bed

The bold metal frame of this beautiful Jenny Lind style scrollwork design makes it a focal piece. This vintage looking bed blends well with modern décor. While it is made with kids’ safety in mind, the Little Seeds Monarch Hill Wren bed is a welcome addition to any bedroom. It appeals to traditional and modern aesthetics as well as everything in between. The Monarch is made by “Little Seeds” which partners with various environmental programs that protect pollinators and preserve wildlife habitats for future generations. At less than $400 this is one bed that will make both you and your little dreamer happy.

LITTLE SEEDS Monarch Hill Wren Metal Bed with Curved Scrollwork Design

Best Spindle Metal Bed

This Vintage design metal framed bed features simple, classic lines. The stunningly minimalist Wallace Bed fits into any room no matter the style, making it perfect for both kids and grownups alike. The Wallace Spindle Metal Bed’s provides all the support you need while costing a fraction of some other vintage metal frame beds  

DHP Wallace Spindle Metal Bed with Elegant Curves and Slats

Best Mid-Century Metal Bed

When you look at the beautiful simplicity of this modern bed frame with vertical headboard, you would never guess that it only costs around $100. This versatile metal bed offers incredible value that blends well with any décor. It is a budget conscious yet stylish selection that will fit perfectly into your master, teen, or guest bedroom.

REALROOMS Ares Metal Bed

Best Metal Bed Without a Headboard

This is one of the lowest priced beds on the market, and it’s completely customizable thanks to its universal connectors that allow you to easily affix a headboard of your choosing.  Headboards come in a wide variety of styles, and this enables you to personalize your bed so that it perfectly completes the aesthetic that you are going for. The Colten Universal gives you a lot of choice for a little money.  

REALROOMS Colten All Metal Universal Platform Bed

Metal Beds Rule!

Metal beds are your best bet when it comes to cost, strength, and durability. They are also easier to clean and maintain. But whether you choose from the multitude of designs and finishes of metal beds or opt for the standard styling of wooden beds is ultimately a matter of personal preferences. It’s your choice, but you may sleep a lot easier knowing you did not break the bank to get a good night’s rest.