5 Furniture Pieces that’ll help you De-clutter – Just in Time for Spring

It’s officially THAT time of year – we’ve lost a coveted hour of sleep due to Daylight Savings Time (we’ll miss you dear friend!), the trees have begun to bloom, the snow has melted, and the dark frosty chill is slowly being replaced with a sunnier warmer breeze (buh-bye chunky sweaters). The spring solstice not only marks the beginning of a new season but the period in which we start to move away from our hibernating ways and bring some much-needed light and fresh air back into our lives and our homes. During the past few winter months when we all cocooned in our shells to escape the cold, no doubt our homes became a little (or a whole lot) disheveled as we made comfort our sole priority – but now is the time to set things right.

By organizing your living areas for the annual rite of spring cleaning, you’ll be taking the first steps to improve the functionality of your space and start to feel tons lighter in the process. Just by adding the right furniture items, you can dramatically increase your home’s storage capacity and give each of your beloved objects a permanent address while also purging tiresome clutter.

Luckily, we’ve got every room in your abode covered from A to Z!


Remember when your bedroom was the sanctuary you used to run to in order to get away from the daily grind and catch up on some well-deserved rest? We bet that now it’s just the place where you dump all your clean laundry or stuff the bits and pieces that have literally fallen out of the closet.

Time to meet the Alden Upholstered Bed with Storage Drawers. Not only will this attractively designed multifunctional piece give you sweet dreams, but it’ll prevent dreaded hoarding nightmares with its convenient and spacious under bed drawers that are the perfect spot to store seasonal attire, linens, or nighttime reading material.

And in case you continue tripping on your shoes while getting ready in the morning or constantly have to hunt down your favorite zipper-less pants, the Summer Haven Closet Tower is at your service to keep your wardrobe organized, up-to-date, and within reach with its 4 clothing rods, 4 shelves, and 4 shoe cubbies.


Got one too many coffee table books, an endless stream of remote controls, toys, board games and overflowing mail that wind up littering the living room? Everyone’s been there and it’s not pretty, especially if your super-judgmental aunt drops by for some tea in the near future.

That’s where the uber-cool Shadwick 2 Door Metal Locker Accent Cabinet enters the untidy scene to give every out of place item a hidden home. Featuring two robust shelves, it can withstand a deluge of objects all while looking good, so take that Aunt Edna!


Where did you put that invoice – you know what I’m talking about – the one you need to record on the spreadsheet to finish calculating your expenses? Arrghh… maybe it’s time to re-think your whole home office set-up because those lost invoices seem to be adding up.

Get your paperwork in check with the Basin 24” Base Storage Cabinet, the ideal location to set aside important files or those pesky printer cartridges that seem nowhere to be found when you need them the most. Including a roomy drawer and 2 sturdy concealed shelves, it’s no match for stray pens and makes the perfect desk side companion.


How about all the other corners of my house that need some TLC, you ask? Don’t worry; we’ve got a wide selection of versatile storage units that can easily be placed within a multitude of areas and serve double, triple, or even quadruple duty.

One such piece is the Shadwick Single Metal Locker Storage Cabinet. Slim enough to fit the tightest of spaces, it’ll become an indispensable asset when carrying out your de-cluttering tasks. Picked up the art of baking sourdough bread? Well, with its 4 strong built-in shelves, you’ll have a stylish new kitchen pantry to put away that 10 lb. bag of all-purpose flour you just bought on sale. And if your bathroom can’t seem to handle your rotating cleanser and shampoo/conditioner collection, this cabinet will keep your grooming obsession (we mean habits!) from falling by the wayside. Another vital hub that

shouldn’t be overlooked is the laundry room. From fabric softeners, stain removers, dryer sheets to liquid or powder detergents, there’s no shortage of products that we need to keep our clothing and bedding looking fresh and clean, but there is a lack of space when it comes to storing all these essentials, which is why the cabinet makes such an excellent household addition. The best part about the locker is that is also features an optional key-lock. So if you need to stash hazardous cleaning supplies or paint cans in the garage for example, you can quickly lock those items up so they don’t get into the hands of small children or pets.


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