5 Ways to Use a Metal Locker in Your Home

Metal lockers are common fixtures in schools and gyms, but did you know that they are an increasingly popular and stylish home design trend? Demand for metal lockers has been on the rise for several reasons including their durability and their utility as a way of sorting and organizing everything from shoes to dog toys (although your dog may not make the distinction, you certainly do!).

Remember how you personalized your high school locker? Whether you had pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio, Nirvana, or Garth Brooks, you made your locker your own.  Today, lockers come in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes to enable you to make personalized choices that best suit your style and whatever use you have for them.

Options and configurations

Metal lockers come in a diverse array of configurations. Some metal lockers incorporate trendy and elegant glass doors, while others conform to a modern industrial aesthetic that never seems to go out of style.

You can also choose from a full range of colors, so you get to decide whether you want a classic black metal locker or add a splash of bright color. Metal lockers come in almost any size that you might need or want.  This includes everything from large double doored wardrobes to small stackable box lockers.

Lockers can be useful in virtually any space in your home including your entranceway, office, basement, living room, and garage. So, whether you use them to store shoes beside your front door, to file documents in your home office, or just to add a touch of industrial chic design to your bedroom, there is a metal locker that will meet your needs and accommodate your tastes.


While lockers can be made from different materials, metal lockers are the most popular option because of their unmatched durability (they really do last forever). They are also popular because of their economical, sleek industrial look. The fact that they are commonly made with cold-rolled steel, makes metal lockers the strongest and most reliable option.

REALROOMS Shadwick 2 Door Metal Locker Storage Cabinet with 3 Shelves

Metal lockers do have some downsides, they can be noisy to open and close, and they can even dent, or scratch if sufficient force is applied.  Some models have also been known to rust in damp environments, however, the alternatives do not stack up well to metal. Wood lockers are expensive, and are significantly less durable, while laminate lockers can delaminate. Some types of plastic lockers have a kraft paper core that makes them susceptible to mold growth so if you opt for plastic high-density polyethylene is your best bet.


The cost of lockers varies widely. While wood lockers can cost thousands of dollars, some cheap plastic lockers can be bought for less than $50. However, as the most durable and aesthetic option, metal lockers offer the best value. They cost anywhere from less than $100 to around $500.

5 Metal Lockers Uses in the Home

1. Storage Cabinet

The allure of metal lockers is largely due to their role as a space-saving storage cabinet. Metal lockers help you to declutter and by providing designated storage areas they help you to find what you are looking for when you are looking for it.

REALROOMS Shadwick Single Closed Door Metal Locker Storage Cabinet with 4 Shelves

Metal lockers can organize your paperwork and help you to keep your computer desk free of clutter.  They can also be great places to store your laptop or other portable electronics. They can help you keep your kid’s toys off the floor, and they can be a great place to hang your clothes and bundle your socks.  You can safely store almost anything in a metal locker, from fine jewelry to bulky items. This allows you to increase usable space and keep your home neat and tidy.

End table

Closed door metal locker end tables and side tables can be placed beside a chair, loveseat, or sofa. They provide a convenient platform for table lamps, beverages, books, and magazines.

REALROOMS Shadwick Closed Door Metal Locker End Table with 2 Shelves

3. Nightstand

Closed door metal lockers are perfect bedside storage furniture. In addition to their storage compartment, they are useful as nightstands for things like lighting, alarm clocks, tissues, cell phones, reading materials, eyeglasses, a glass of water, and medication.

REALROOMS Shadwick Closed Door Metal Locker End Table with 2 Shelves

4. Wardrobe

Using a metal locker as a wardrobe is an aesthetically pleasing way to organize and store your clothes. People commonly seek out the industrial look of a metal locker because they want to add some style to their bedroom.

REALROOMS Shadwick Tall 2 Door Closed Metal Storage Locker Cabinet

5. Dresser

Although typically used to store clothing, a metal locker dresser can also be used to store a variety of items in virtually any room in your house.

REALROOMS Shadwick 2 Door Metal Locker Accent Cabinet with 2 Shelves

The takeaway here is that metal lockers aren’t just for school anymore, they are an increasingly trendy storage option that can enhance the décor of your home.