Must have items for your Fur Baby – and for you!

After a stressful day coming back home from work, you can always depend on Rocky to be waiting patiently at the door as your car pulls in and excitedly wagging his tail at the sight of your exhausted face in anticipation of a comforting belly rub. And as you enter the threshold, you feel a sudden burst of energy that you weren’t expecting and your spirits are slowly lifted every moment spent with your adoring pooch. That kind of bond is special because your pets aren’t just pets but they’re an addition to your family and love you unconditionally no matter what. Because you certainly wouldn’t let another beloved member of your brood sleep on a musty worn out bed cheaply bought from the corner store, isn’t it about time you reciprocated that loving feeling and gave your fur babies the very best in pet care to live their happiest and most comfortable life?

Fortunately, giving your dogs and cats the pet gear that they deserve doesn’t have to cost a fortune thanks to clever and practical RealRooms design. Find out the furniture and travel items that will have your four-legged friends barking and meowing with joy and make your life a whole lot easier (and stylish) in the process.

Pet Beds – No longer an ugly afterthought

Picking out the perfect snooze accessory where your trusted companion can rest after a tiring day of burying bones in the backyard or climbing up and down the stairs can be a tricky task. The majority of dog and cat beds sold in local stores are merely just sad brown or beige looking poorly cushioned pillows that don’t offer adequate support for your pet, are difficult to clean, and are an eye-sore to your otherwise beautifully furnished surroundings. Sure, they’re inexpensive but they don’t last, proving that you get what you paid for. But affordable, attractive, and well-built options do exist and are an accessible alternative to the conventional lackluster pet beds flooding the marketplace. Considering that the average pooch or kitty spends more than half the day sleeping, doesn’t it make sense to choose a pet bed that will provide the maximal amount of comfort and long term wear?

With its modern chic streamlined look and quality design, the O’Malley Tufted Pet Sofa is the ideal spot for your buddy to nap the day away. And for pet parents who prefer more of a vintage glam aesthetic, the Roscoe Pet Sofa will have your furry tyke dozing till dawn. Offered in multiple colors, all you have to do is figure out which item best suits your tastes and your pet’s personality. Since your pets are such an integral part of your household, it serves to reason that their furniture be a natural extension of your own décor.

Both beds come with key features to make pet parenthood a bit easier. Firstly, their supportive and durable foam cushions are a sheer contrast to their lumpy low-grade counterparts and, unlike other inferior beds, will deliver needed relief from common aches and pains. Secondly, they come upholstered in a classic stain and water resistant velvety fabric with removable and machine washable cushion covers to make clean-ups a breeze. Thirdly, scroll wood padded legs ensure scratch free floors as your pets hop on or off. Lastly, both beds are available in either Small or Large options to factor in the weight and size of your bestie.

Pet Travel Gear – Take your BFF everywhere

Travelling without your pup or kitty is absolutely no fun. Like any good pet mommy or daddy, you love introducing your fur babies to new people and places and seeing their eyes light up as they experience things for the very first time. But tinier cats and dogs or newborn puppies and kittens can tire out quite easily and may not have the stamina for long walks or journeys. That’s why travel gear is so essential for any planned excursion with your pet.

Designed for convenience, the Kendra Pet Carrier Trolley was made for small and long treks alike, whether you’re taking a carefree stroll around the block or a casual hike around your local park trails. Its shock absorbent spinner wheels always guarantee a smooth and pleasant glide even on the bumpiest of sidewalks and its convertible backpack design lets you carry your pet on your shoulders if boarding a bus or using other means of public transportation. Stain-resistant, with ample storage pockets and a zippered mesh opening, your pet will be able to breathe with an unencumbered view with treats ready on standby.

Great for short trips to the post office or even for plane travel, the Kendra Pet Carrier Bag is an easy to carry fun accessory that features strong non-slip shoulder straps. With its comfortable scoop neck opening and built-in leash attachment, your pet will have a front row seat to all the comings and goings while being securely in place. Also including a stain-resistant lining and a removable hand washable liner pad, odors will have no room to linger. The best part, the bag is collapsible and can be curled up in a suitcase or stored away in the closet when not in use.

And always remember to first refer to the Pet Weight Chart when deciding between which pet items to choose from.  What works well for one pet may not work for another.

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