The Amazing Organizational Benefits of Kids Storage Desks

A storage desk stows away clutter and frees up the desk surface for working while keeping everything within easy reach. Desks with storage options are a great organizational addition to a bedroom, play area, study, home office, or college dorm.

In a disorganized room, finding anything is like searching for buried treasure. If your child needs to dig through their stuff to find their schoolwork, a storage desk can help rescue your kid from the clutches of their own mess.

Realrooms Meridian Metal Computer Desk With 2 Side Storage Shelves

Although it may seem like a tall order, an organized workspace can help transform your kid’s cluttered room into a neat and tidy haven.  A storage desk is also a valuable tool to help students succeed both at school and in life. Studies show organization increases productivity by enhancing focus and improving concentration.  

Your children will do their best thinking in an orderly space, and this will keep them motivated and make learning more enjoyable.  An organized workspace is also visually appealing which inspires creativity.  Perhaps most importantly, storage desks have a calming effect that positively impacts a kid’s mental wellbeing. An organized desk can help them feel less overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious.

Little Seeds Monarch Hill Haven Single Pedestal Desk with Gold Drawer Pulls

Storage desks improve organizational ability, foster good habits, and engender self-discipline. These are valuable, transferable skills that will benefit your children in many areas of their lives.  It sets them up for success not only in their educational pursuits but also in their personal and professional lives. As an added benefit, you’ll love the fact that these desks make it easier for them to keep their rooms clean.

Here are four different types of storage desks that can help you to craft order out of chaos while giving your kids the tools they need to be their best selves.


Left to right: Little Seeds Monarch Hill Poppy Kids Desk with 2 Sets of Knobs, Little Seeds Monarch Hill Haven Single Pedestal Desk with Gold Drawer Pulls

While a desk is great for writing or for a computer keyboard, desks with built-in drawers provide the convenience of additional storage. Desk drawers can be different sizes and depths.  A single large drawer may not be the best for kids as it can quickly become a repository for just about everything (aka the dreaded junk drawer). You may also want to limit the number of drawers as too many can be overwhelming for younger children. A couple of medium sized drawers may be the best option.


Left to right: Realrooms Meridian Metal Computer Desk With 2 Side Storage Shelves, Ameriwood Home Parsons Computer Desk with Drawer and 6 Compartments

Desks with open shelves or cubbies maximize vertical space and offer easy access to frequently used items. The compartments in these desks are a great place to stow textbooks. You can also sort your kid’s schoolwork, supplies, toys, or games with bins, or baskets that fit into the cubbies or on the shelves.


Ameriwood Home Sutton Computer Desk with Hutch

Desks with a hutch are another type of vertical storage solution. They combine an attached shelving unit or cabinet on top of the desk surface. The hutch can have open shelves, closed cabinets, or a combination of both. It supplies dedicated spaces for your kids to neatly arrange and store their belongings and school materials. Hutches with sealed cabinets allow you to conceal items you want to keep out of sight or protect from dust.  Conversely, hutch desks can also be great for displaying items either behind glass front cabinets or on open shelves.


Left to right: Little Seeds Abigail Kids Desk with Divided Storage Hutch and Chair,   Ameriwood Home Arleta Craft Desk with Storage Hutch and 5 Open Shelf Cubbies

Desks with built in organizers take your storage solution up a notch. These desks provide lots of sorted storage space and typically include several built-in compartments to help your child organize and keep their room clean.  Having everything they need at arms reach also saves them time.

Make it age appropriate

When choosing a storage desk be mindful of the age of your child.  A youngster in elementary school has very different desk storage needs than a teen in junior high. Kids need bigger desks as they grow.

You should also consider how they will use the desk.  Younger children are more likely to use their storage desk to do arts and crafts and different types of hands-on activities, so you want a space for things like crayons, markers, pens, glue sticks, and small toys. Teens in high school are more likely to need an area that will accommodate their laptop and other electronics.

Involving your child

Encourage your kids to be part of the design process. This is essential as it allows them to offer input on how they prefer to organize their belongings. Start by helping them to sort and then assign a designated place for each group of items. Depending on the age of your little ones, you may want to add labels that help them to remember where things go. As your children categorize their stuff, they are learning how to create organizational structures and systems.

Being involved in the process of creating a personalized desk will increase the likelihood that they take ownership of the space.  This contributes to a child’s sense of responsibility, and independence. It also makes it more likely that they will keep their desks neat and tidy.

Final considerations for a smart choice

When choosing a storage desk remember to pay close attention to your child’s specific needs, the size and layout of their room, as well as personal style and design preferences. Don’t forget good lighting and a comfortable chair to go with the desk.

When it comes to your children’s furnishings, a storage desk is one of the best investments you will ever make. Storage desks come in various designs and styles, ranging from traditional to modern, so you should have no trouble finding one that meets their needs and complements your existing decor. Whether your kid is in preschool, primary school, middle school or secondary, you can find a storage desk that will rock your child’s world!