Types of Sofa Sleepers to Accommodate Your Overnight Guests

Sofa sleepers are a great way to provide comfortable accommodations for friends and family who stay the night. The beautiful thing about a couch that turns into a bed is that when you or your guests are not using it to catch some Zs, it is a comfortable place to sit.   

Unlike older pull-out sofa beds from the past, many of today’s sofa sleepers have clean lines and a classic, timeless look that slides seamlessly into any home décor.  Sofa sleepers have dual identities, they are a stylish couch by day, and they transform into a comfy bed at night. This is what make sofa sleepers the superman of the furniture world. This 2-in-1 functionality also makes them frugal space savers that will be welcomed by your overnight guests.  

DHP Pin Tufted Transitional Futon with Vertical Stitching and Button Tufting 

Comfort is what hospitality is all about, and it all starts by making guests feel at home. One of the best ways you can do this is by giving them the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep. Today’s sleeper sofas are not like your grandma's old uncomfortable pull-out bed. New sleeper sofas are engineering marvels that do not compromise aesthetics for comfort or functionality.  

A couch is furniture that you live on. You and your loved ones spend hours on your sofa and after time it becomes almost like a member of your family. Your little ones will build forts and transform them into imaginary landscapes.  Your family will come together on it, to chat, watch a movie, or play a video game. You will entertain guests on it, laugh on it and shed tears on it.   

So, whether you use it to crash after a grueling day at work, cozy up with a good book or just take a nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon, your couch is the center of your home at the heart of your life.  So why not add to its allure by choosing a sofa that spoils your guests by easily converting to a comfy bed?  

One of the most important things about a guest bed is the quality of sleep it provides, and a sleeper sofa treats guests to a comfortable sleeping experience that is a far cry from throwing a blowup mattress and a pillow on the floor.  

The versatility of this furniture option transforms any room into a sleeping space, making it a practical addition to virtually any home. Your couch is more than a material possession, it is also a design statement and with today’s sofa sleepers you don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort. 


There are many choices in terms of the style, fabric, and color of your sleeper sofas, and there are also choices to make in terms of the structural design. Sofa beds convert from a couch to a bed in various ways. Choosing the right one for you will depend on how much space you have, how many people you want to seat, and how often you expect to use it.    

Here is a review of the four major types of sofas that convert into beds to help you to make the right decision.  

1. Sofa-beds with a Concealed Mattress

Pull out sofa bed are couches with a hidden mattress that folds-out. These types of sofa sleepers commonly provide the most comfortable and supportive sleep experience. After removing the seating, you pull a handle that converts your couch into a bed.   

Pull-out sofa beds are typically bulky and require more space than futons and other convertible sofa sleepers. While this could be a good option for a larger room, it will not work as well in a small space. In this case a convertible loveseat might be your best choice as they are more compact.  

DHP Cooper Loveseat Sofa Sleeper with Memory Foam Pull-Out Mattress 

A good example of a compact sofa with an integrated mattress is the Cooper sofa bed. It is a modern loveseat with a comfortable memory foam mattress that your overnight guest will love. It is the embodiment of style and versatility that is perfect for tight living spaces.

2. Frames with a Futon Mattress

Futons are another type of convertible sofa. They fold up to make a sofa out of a mattress.  Unlike pull-out sofa beds, futons don’t have cushions (the mattress is the couch). Futons tend to be firmer than sofas with an integrated mattress. 

DHP Cleo Black Metal Arm Full Size Futon Frame with 6 Inch Thermobonded High Density Polyester Fill Mattress 

The Cleo is a casual contemporary futon sofa that easily converts to a full-sized bed. Its comfy tufted polyester cover can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth and it is an economical option that inexpensively affords comfortable sitting or sleeping. 

3. All in one Futon Sofa Sleepers

All-in-one sofa beds have a back that folds down to form a flat surface, and the cushions become the mattress. While it is similar in function to a futon it looks like a “real” couch. Essentially it is another way to create a comfy sleeping spot without the hassle of a pull-out mechanism. They are among the most space-efficient and convenient options to put up your overnight guests. These fold-out designs are easy to extend and put away. 

DHP Ruby Upholstered Futon with Armrests and Diamond Button Tufting 

That is exactly what you will find in the all-in-one Ruby, a mid-century modern sofa sleeper with a vintage feel. It takes up very little space and has soft velvet upholstery and diamond button tufting that makes it ideal for sitting, lounging, or sleeping.  The comforts of this sofa sleeper are sure to impress your overnight guests.

4. Fold-out chair-beds

Fold out chairs are another type of sofa sleeper that won’t overtax smaller spaces. This stylish chair swiftly converts to a bed that comfortably sleeps an adult.   

The Convertible Lounger pictured on the left not only transforms into a bed it can also be configured as a sofa, lounger chair, and ottoman.  Thanks to its design wizardry, this fold out chair is like getting four pieces of furniture for the price of one.  

REALROOMS Convertible Lounger Ottoman Linen Sofa Chair with 4-in-1 Design 

The style that matters most is the one that both appeals to you and complements your home. The type of sleeper sofa that is right for you is the one that addresses your needs and best fits your space and your personal preferences.  

The next time your in-laws come to town, or your friend swings by for the night, give them the five-star treatment with a sofa sleeper.