Versatile Beds for Under 300$: Our New Headboard Collection

When you think of your ideal bedroom décor, what do you imagine? For us, the first must-have that instantly comes to mind is a statement bed with a mountain of pillows to anchor the entire room. Yes, we agree that having your mattress on a bed frame is a step up from having it directly on the floor, but let’s be honest, you’re a fully grown adult now and adults have headboards. We don’t make the rules, but we do offer an amazing selection of headboard options that you can either pair with your existing frame or with our compatible Colten Universal Platform Bed Frame.

Let us introduce you to our new headboard collection:

Tyler Upholstered Headboard

We hate to break it to you, but your bed frame is looking pretty bland and it’s dragging down the look of your entire bedroom space. Luckily, a quick fix to this design dilemma is right at your fingertips with the Tyler Upholstered Headboard. Easy to install and easy on the eyes, the Tyler comes upholstered in a soft linen fabric that features modern clean square paneled tufting and includes strong steel metal post legs. Featuring three adjustable base heights of 43-inch, 45.5-inch and 48.5-inch, you can adapt your headboard to your preferred position just as easily as you can mount it onto your bed frame for a customized look. Available in multiple colors, the Tyler Headboard can be incorporated into a variety of décor styles for a seamless fit.

Available in Twin and adaptable Full/Queen size.

Praxis Metal Headboard

With the Praxis Metal Headboard, you’ll finally have the design accessory you need to anchor your entire sleeping space with minimal effort and investment. Constructed with sturdy metal, the Praxis was made for modern minimalist enthusiasts with its central interconnected geometric shapes. Visually pleasing to the naked eye, the Praxis will give your area the definition it needs while adding a relaxed presence to your décor. Finished in a variety of neutral shades, you’ll certainly be able to find the headboard that best harmonizes with your existing bedroom color scheme. To make your life easier, mounting hardware has been included to make attaching the Praxis to your standard sized bed frame a piece of cake.

Available in Twin and adaptable Full/Queen size.

Allysa Metal Headboard

There is something that all statement beds have in common: a headboard that serves as a focal point to amplify the décor aesthetic of any bedroom space. The Allysa Metal Headboard is no exception with its eye-catching metal frame that showcases an x-cross pattern adorned with an inner medallion accent and gently curved edges. Available in a variety of colors, the Allysa’s intricate yet subtle design allows it to blend with a multitude of décor schemes, from industrial modern to rustic farmhouse. The Allysa also conveniently includes mounting hardware to easily connect to any standard sized bed frame. For such a small investment, the Allysa sure does result in big style payoff!

Available in Twin and adaptable Full/Queen size.

Colten Universal Platform Bed

Now that you’ve found your new favorite headboard, you need to complete your bed frame with the addition of the Colten Universal Platform Bed. This universal platform bed is built with an all-metal construction that includes a secured slat system which helps provide mattress support and breathability. With that said, the Colten provides much more functionality than simply making sure you have a comfortable night of sleep; its 11" under bed clearance can be used as extra storage space for your seasonal clothing, shoes, and extra linens. This platform bed frame also includes a universal connector that makes the Colten compatible with any headboard on the market. For twin, full and queen size beds, we suggest you pair it with one of the headboards in our collection!

Available in Twin, Full, Queen and King size.

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