How to Store Outdoor Furniture

Oh gosh, is it almost 2021 already? Is it just us or does it feel like we’ve been in 2020 for 6 years… but also that March was 3 months ago? Granted, we’ve had easier years, but we all got the chance to work on ourselves, spend quality time with our family and get started on some, or all, of those home décor projects that always got put on the back burner. Now that the warmer months are (unfortunately) behind us, it’s time to put away our poolside décor and embrace our favorite winter activity: going back inside where it’s warm!  

But, finding a convenient spot to store your outdoor furniture isn’t always easy, especially when you don’t have the space for a shed in your backyard, if you even have a backyard at all. 

Don’t worry, we have a solution to keep your seasonal pieces away from the harsh winter weather and in prime condition for the next sunbathing season. How? By bringing them inside. If you’re completely on board with the idea, let us show you how you can use your outdoor furniture year-round and add pop of vibrant color to your home at the same time. 

Make the Most of Your Space 

This year, more than ever, we’re finding the functionality of the “micro-living” trend to be the way to go. Because who doesn’t want a home that is optimized to their lifestyle? If micro-weddings are all the rage in paving the way for new traditions, why not step into the fashion of living smaller? The next few items are solutions for you to make adulting easier, especially when you don’t want to compromise on style and space.  

Outdoor 3-Piece Set

The Outdoor 3 Piece Bistro brings you back to your favorite town café or coffee shop. Its nostalgic look will flood you with memories of times where you went to go grab your favorite latte with friends or set up shop for an afternoon of studying. We’ve got a proposal for you: instead of spending 6 dollars on a coffee, get this 3-piece bistro set for your home. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, it is perfect for enhancing your indoor living space or apartment balcony! Are you tight on free square footage and don’t need a bistro set in your home at all times? Don’t worry, we thought of how to maximize this set for small space living! When you’re ready to store the set away for the winter or no longer need it, the two chairs fold flat so you can easily store them under your bed, in a closet, garage, or apartment storage unit. 

For the times when all you want to do is put on the fuzzy socks your grandma gave you on your birthday, grab a good book and spend hours just lounging around with, or without, company, the Outdoor 5 piece Bistro is exactly what you need! Known for its efficient use of limited space, this set is perfect for your personal patio or balcony. This bistro understands small space living and that making the most of your area – big or small – is crucial when entertaining yourself and others. So, what makes it so special? Well, when it’s not being used, the nesting ottomans and chairs all fit perfectly together under the steel table. It’s simple – the ottomans go under the chairs and the chairs under the table, and voila, you have a space-efficient piece of furniture that can be brought indoors during the winter months. You’ll thank us later! 

Roll into the New Year 

We know, winter usually comes with holidays full of fun, food, family, and friends, so if you’re planning for future entertainment, it’s vital to have all the essentials to make your space party central ready. Having items which are multi-purpose and can be used for a variety of occasions is a dream of ours. Look no further than the Outdoor Folding Serving Cart; a colorful addition to make your space classically unique and versatile! 

Outdoor Folding Serving Cart

This serving cart comes with a list of features you’ll love. The durable steel construction makes it ideal for both an indoor and outdoor soiree. We highly recommend this beautiful folding cart and its modern design not only for evening cocktails with friends and appetizers that will roll to you, but also as a mobile work station where you can keep your textbooks and computer within reach. With this piece, your living room will be ready for future hangouts with friends and family, and so will your office while we continue to work from home. What about when things go back to normal and you no longer need a workstation? Fold the cart flat and store it under your couch, bed, or in a closet. But keep in mind the vibrant colors it’s available in will complement and enhance your personal style while bringing the atmosphere of your home to a new level of finesse.  

No matter the size of your space, making it the mirror image of your Pinterest and interior design dreams is everything we strive to do and more. Having furniture that is just as stylish, unique, and classic as you are is just as important as keeping your floor plan an open canvas.