Outdoor Furniture- Make Your Backyard Summer Ready

Who said that you have to leave your home to have some fun this summer? Definitely not us! Just give your backyard a little TLC and you’ll be able to do all the activities that make summer great two steps away from your living room. Don’t believe us? Let us tell you all the amazing things you can do with your friends and family from the comfort of your own home… with the help of a few outdoor furniture pieces of course. Forget FOMO and JOMO, you won’t be missing out on anything – a revamped backyard is truly the best of both worlds.

Soak up the Sun and Get a Tan

For the weather forecast, there isn’t much we can do. You’ll need to book a meeting with someone higher up for this one, lovely mother nature. But for those days when it is 85 degrees with a clear sky, we have just the right piece of outdoor furniture for you. But please remember, SPF is your BFF; if we can offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. Nothing looks better in your fifties than sunscreen in your twenties!

This Patio Chaise Lounger is made with SmartWick foam, a new dual-purpose material that is porous enough to quickly wick water and firm enough to feel like a cushion. In other words, whether you are sunbathing beside the pool, reading a true crime novel, or listening to your favorite dating and relationships podcast, you will experience long-lasting comfort without the hassle of running around your house trying to find the perfect cushion. Patio Chaise Lounger
Patio Chaise Lounger

Bonfires with Awesome People

You don’t need to be on the beach to have a bonfire. Sure, the beach is an added bonus, but lifelong memories will be created regardless. Plus, you won’t have to spend the next 3 days cleaning sand from, well, everywhere.  To be honest, you don’t even need a fire! Just a backyard, a few friends and family members, someone playing some tunes on a guitar (hopefully well) and some comfortable furniture. In other words, the essentials for everyone to spend a few hours talking, laughing, singing, and having a few drinks. A bonfire, with or without fire, is basically a very exclusive nightclub where only the people you love are invited.

To help you roast the perfect marshmallows, we have the Padded Sling Motion Patio Chairs with weatherproof materials, perfect for any patio, deck or outdoor space. These chairs come in a pack of two and are designed with a soft spring motion to provide superior comfort and let you gently rock while you indulge in your favorite summer desert, s’mores. 
Padded Sling Motion Patio Chairs
Padded Sling Motion Patio Chairs

BBQs and Some Jams 

Hanging out with friends, having some you time and just getting nothing done all day except relaxing. That’s the dream. What’s even better, is getting nothing done with your closest friends and throwing something on the grill for later. Nothing beats the smell of a BBQ, except maybe the taste of a BBQ. No matter what you choose to do for the afternoon – throw a football, build a slip and slide, or simply gossip around a mimosa - mastering the art of making the perfect playlist will make you instantly gain some brownie points. After singing throwback jams and busting out classic dance moves, you’ll need somewhere to sit down, relax and enjoy some freshly grilled meat (or meat-substitutes) with your friends, cold drinks in hand.

For smaller outdoor patios, a cute Patio Bar Table and Stools set is just what you need. Made with the same SmartWick foam as the Patio Chaise Lounger, this weatherproof patio set is both durable and comfortable. If you have a larger outdoor space, you can get the matching Patio Furniture Set; built with the same materials to make your outdoor gatherings even more enjoyable. 

Patio Bar Table and Patio Bar Stools
 Patio Bar Table and Patio Bar Stools
Patio Furniture Set
Patio Furniture Set

Time’s up! Did you find any activities that you couldn’t do from the comfort of your backyard? We didn’t think so now go outside and share your furnished outdoor spaces with us by tagging @realrooms. Every summer has a story. Makes yours amazing with some RealRooms outdoor furniture!