Bedtime shouldn’t be stressful, but we all know getting your little one all settled in for a good night’s sleep can still be a challenge. 

To ensure a smooth nighttime routine for the entire family, RealRooms offers several nightstands that meet or exceed the CPSIA Juvenile testing requirements, specifically geared for your little tyke. 

When one bedtime story isn’t enough, you’ll have several more options at your disposal on the open shelf.  Designate an open cubby as Teddy’s official home to put an end to nightly stuffed bear search and rescue regimens. Store monster spray and other nighttime treasures in the nightstand drawers for easy access, and don’t forget to come prepared to battle with a cup of water or sippy for your sleepy, yet oh-so thirsty, tot.  At the end of a long and tiresome day, simply reach over and turn off the lamp atop the nightstand before silently slipping out of your sprouts room to enjoy some much-needed adult time.  (That is, if you haven’t already fallen asleep yourself!)

Several styles, colors and price points are available to choose from to fit both your specific budget and décor’.