If your dining table didn’t come with accompanying chairs or stools — or if you just want to rejuvenate the space by mix & matching with something new — RealRooms offers plenty of modern styles that are as beautiful as they are ergonomic, made with sturdy metal frames that are built to last.

If you’ve already got a table you love, just remember that the chairs you choose don’t necessarily have to match it. Frankly, they don’t even have to match the other chairs! Just make sure you measure things out. A good rule of thumb is to leave one foot of space between your seat and the top of the table to keep everyone comfortable (kids are obviously a different story). You also want to make sure the width of your chairs makes sense with the size of your table, so people aren’t bumping elbows when they dig into their plates. If it’s a smaller bar table or cruiser style, stools will probably be best.

Another tip: if you’re in a smaller space (or if you’ve got a big family requiring lots of seating) a bunch of chairs can make things feel really busy, really fast. If you run into this problem, we suggest grounding your dining room area with a nice rug that ties all the pieces together into one cohesive zone. You can also achieve a similar effect with the right wall piece or a large picture frame.